Chael Sonnen talks fight with Anderson Silva & calls 205-lb division a joke

The loud-mouthed number one middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen, was recently interviewed by Fight! Magazine at the UFC Fan Expo. Among the topics were his shot at the middleweight title and some insults directed towards Rampage Jackson and the entire 205-pound division.

Check out the interview:

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  • paklMMA

    How you’re gonna show these guy to be good young mens if you’re a douche yourself?Cant wait to see GSP KTFO of this guy once for all!Or,at least,make him look like a fool,like GSP did to most of his opponents.
    And,I wonder if we’ll see one more”KOSCHECK CONNECTION”vs GSP?
    “I dont know if it was a toe or a knee,but I know I’ve been hit!”.What,a toe or a knee?Like theres no differences?

    • paklMMA

      that comment(the 1 one I did)was in regard of the kos vid