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Diaz vs Noons Lives Up To The Hype

Was this fight an instant classic?  No.  Was it two good fighters gettin’ after it for five rounds?  Absolutely.  We should be able to enjoy it on that level.

Mauro Ranallo threw out some ridiculous hyperbole, and he’s taken some deserving lumps for it.  I’m sure Mauro was just trying to be a company man, but come on.  Announcers just shouldn’t say things they know aren’t true.  Hardcore fans will know, and it sickens us.  The worst part about Mauro’s over-hyping to me was that it opened the door for people to hate on what was really a pretty awesome fight.  Some people are now turning their noses up and calling this a “bad boxing match.”  That’s horseshit.  From where I’m sitting this fight lived up to the hype.  Hating a good fight for not being a “classic” is asinine.

Observations from Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons II after the jump

  • This announce team looked good on paper, but had some fairly embarrassing gaffes.  Ranallo hyperbole aside, the worst was Pat Miletich’s comments about Noons having to do more because he was in “Diaz’s house.”  That viewpoint is stupid beyond words.  And maybe this is lame to say, but Frank Shamrock shouldn’t be speaking for a living until he gets his braces off.  His voice doesn’t sound good.  Strikeforce still has nobody close to as good as Joe Rogan.
  • My fellow Missouri Tiger Tyrone Woodley looks like he’d be a handful for anyone.  Maybe a tad raw still, but the athleticism and power are obviously there.  His list of opponents isn’t exactly a who’s who, but he should still only be a win away from a title shot.  Strikeforce’s welterweight division is weak.
  • I think I’ve found a female fighter I can really get behind.  Marloes Coenen is straight-up lovable.  Pretty, Dutch, soft-spoken, tattooed, slick ground game.  I like all of those things.  She doesn’t have the gaudy good looks of Gina Carano or Meisha Tate, but that makes it more acceptable for an actual MMA fan to like her.  I’d feel like a dork telling people I was a Carano fan.  Coenen?   Not so.  I’m really looking forward to her first title defense against Tate.  Strikeforce should market the shit out of that fight.
  • I had JZ Cavalcante winning that fight.  Not by a lot, but he clearly took the third and I’d have given him the first.  The fact that one of the judges gave Thompson all three rounds is beyond me.
  • Nick Diaz is a man of strengths and weaknesses.  His boxing looked great, we know his jiu-jitsu is world class, and his wrestling….is some of the worst I’ve ever seen.  I can’t believe he hasn’t improved at that.  The guy has some of the best BJJ in MMA and we’ll never see it unless someone else takes him down.
  • KJ Noons belongs at lightweight.  The added bulk at 170 doesn’t help him.  His power is more than up to the task of knocking anyone out at 155.  I’d much rather see him fight Gilbert Melendez than Josh Thompson.  He lost this fight fair-and-square (I scored it 49-47 Diaz; felt a 10-10 final round was appropriate), but his hands are still impressive.  We’re not done seeing highlight reel knockouts from KJ Noons.
  • Wrestling criticism aside, I love watching the Diaz brothers fight.  Their striking may not be technical, but its definitely effective.  People say its ugly, and to me that misses the mark.  There’s nothing ugly about precision strikes thrown with passion and flare.  The hilarious taunting and smack talk is the icing on the cake.  WAR DIAZ!

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  • Jeremyriversideca

    Did you catch Pat’s innuendo about the Shamrocks propensity towards PEDs? Pretty unprofessional.

    I like Noons, he is a tough SOB. Diaz bothers me, he is good, I respect him, but I do not like him and his little brother too. It is crazy how they show no respect for anyone, and then right after every fight they shake hands and give credit where it is due. They are either the world’s biggest punks or the best self promoters ever.

    Marloes Coenen looked good, real technical, but she was being pushed around by the smaller fighter. She needs to get stronger. She even moved down a weight class and was still out muscled

    I would like to see Alistair Overeem fight real soon. He is a beast! Strikeforce needs to get on that right away.

    They also need to get Jacquare and Tim Kennedy 2 on ASAP.

    • Big Matt

      Strikefrce has had serious problems getting their top heavyweights to fight each other. It’s weird. I think maybe they don’t have any control over their stars. Overeem needs to be defending that belt twice a year. And Fedor….that guy just never seems to want to fight anyone good. He ducks Overeem and then accuses overeem of ducking him. Shameful.

      Everything you’ve said about the Diaz bros. is on the money. I know I shouldn’t like them, I just can’t help it. I find their antics hilarious.

      Coenen was out-muscled by Kaufman, but pushing people around is Kaufman’s strength. She does that to everyone. Meisha Tate is Coenen’s next opponent. She won’t push my girl around like that.

    • Big Matt

      Also, you want to see Jacare fight Kennedy again? I thought that fight was a snoozer. Not a fan of Tim Kennedy at all.

      I am looking forward to Jacare’s first defense though, whoever it is.