There Will Always Be an Overeem

One of the more hilarious ways that EA has marketed their new MMA branded video game (which is supposedly great and I am debating whether or not to pick up) is with their admittedly awesome Create a Fighter feature. This in itself isn’t hilarious, but its the way they go about it. Sprinkled across youtube are videos (with no linkable affiliation to EA of course) of EA licensed fighters taking on Create a Fighter versions of their UFC counter parts. Hilariously and predictably all of the EA fighters smash their Zuffa counterparts into a Charlie Kelly approved jelly. In fact, in the Fedor vs Brock Lesnar entry, Fedor knocks a Brock Lesnar who doesn’t try a single takedown out so fiercely he is thrown with his back to the canvas as his arms do tiny convulsive wind mills at his sides. Its a wink to a rabid superfight crazed audience that can almost be described as charming.

Similarly, EA is also predictably ramming down the several year old PRIDE vhs viewer’s wet dream of a Fedor vs Randy Couture fight, the fight Affliction was meant to give us. “You’ll finally get to see who would win between Randy and Fedor!” screams countless different pressers including the goddamn game cover. Clearly, EA is banking on our interest in this matchup. But if I can channel the Animal Collective fan in me, wanting to see that fight was sooooooo two years ago. MMA fans have moved on. Randy losing to Brock quickly changed that dream fight to a hypothetical Brock vs Fedor matchup, and Fedor losing to Werdum should have pretty much killed it entirely.

But apparently that dream match-up is pulling a Rasputin and outright refuses to die. Since Fedor has fallen (in a way that Brock would never ever replicate so it shouldn’t really matter anyways) out of that position a surging Overeem quickly grabbed his mantle. This Overeem vs Lesnar bout has been steadily gaining buzz since Fedor fell into that triangle and it doesn’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon. I will admit, I myself am guilty of this. Overeem is a certified badass. He is an MMA fighter with a great submission base who has a reasonably decent chance to win the most prestigious kickboxing tournament on the planet. And don’t tell me that doesn’t mean anything for MMA. When the greatest heavyweight striker in the world also has the skills to catch Vitor fucking Belfort in a guillotine submission and has the hips to toss Brett Rodgers tumbling ass over end to the mat it means something to MMA. So yeah, I’m excited for this fight.

But why do we have to consistently shout for fights like this? This Saturday Brock Lesnar will be facing an undefeated Cain Velazquez in what is essentially a pick em. Its also a certified mega fight likely to do well over a million pay per view buys. And whoever scrapes buy in this fight will have another great challenger waiting in the wings in Junior Dos Santos. And over on the other side of the political barrier there are plenty of fights for Overeem. It will be great to see Overeem 2.0 get a chance to rematch against Werdum or take on Fedor. Plus Overeem always has K1.

The Heavyweight division is the thinnest division spread out the most disparately between the most orgs. There is always going to be that potential Overeem/Lesnar, Overeem/Cain superfight that would be incredibly interesting. But when we are given Lesnar vs Velazquez vs Dos Santos and Fedor vs Overeem vs Werdum consistently why can’t we just shut up and enjoy our supper. This is going to be a great fight between two top heavyweights, and I personally am having difficulty concealing my fan boner.

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