Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir III Likely Lesnar's Next Fight

According to UFC president Dana White, former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s next bout will be a rubber match with his rival Frank Mir. Lesnar lost his title to American Kickboxing Academy stud Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 last month.

“There won’t be an immediate rematch, there is no need for one,” White said today. “After the fight Brock took some time off to go hunting; he and I haven’t spoken since the fight so I’m not sure what he wants to do next.”

There were some rumors that Lesnar had asked to fight The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights winner Roy “Big Country” Nelson, but White quickly shot those down in their tracks.

“He never asked for Roy Nelson, that’s not true. The last thing I did hear was that he wants to fight Frank Mir again. That fight kind of makes sense so… We will probably see Lesnar fight Mir next, I think that the rubber match makes sense.”

Is Dana White serious? This rivalry is already played out. In their last meeting, Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir in a quick, one-sided bout. When they initially met, Lesnar seemed to be winning the fight before he was caught in a kneebar. This third fight makes no sense.

In a time when the heavyweight division is at it’s peak, the UFC needs to take advantage of it. Match these guys up with someone new. Matches like Brock Lesnar vs. Roy Nelson and Frank Mir vs. Brendan Schaub inject new life and excitement into the top of the division. We don’t need to turn Lesnar-Mir into a overplayed series like Ortiz-Shamrock.

What will Lesnar learn from beating down Mir again? One-third of Lesnar’s UFC bouts are against Mir already, so we don’t need to see it again. Please, Dana White, hear the fans voice. I haven’t heard a single person say they are looking forward to this fight. If each of the fighters would get another win under their belt, then a rubber match would make sense for number one contender status. However, right now the fight is unnecessary.

In the end, it is about business. No matter who Lesnar faces, the pay-per view buys will be close to if not over a million. I guess Dana doesn’t care about trying to make Lesnar better… he just wants to baby his money machine.

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