Referee KOd In Japanese MMA Event (video)

Last week at Grachan 5 in Japan, veteran referee Samio Kimura was knocked out in the cage after fighter Takeo “Cerberus Take” Shiina knocked out his opponent Jung Hyun Lee and then lost all form of self-control. Shiina knocked out his opponent and when Kimura jumped in to stop the fight, he continued to reign down punches until both Lee and Kimura were out. Kimura was first caught with a hammerfist to the back of the head and then what appeared to be a knee to the face. During the pre-fight staredown, Lee was taunting Shiina.

Actions like this should never be tolerated in the cage. You would have to expect that Shiina will receive a lengthy suspension and that Lee will never kiss his fist and grab his nuts prior to a fight again. Video of the incident after the jump:

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