Chael Sonnen On Hormone Replacement Therapy; May Return By Feb.

Dave Meltzer had a discussion with writer/German UFC commentator Oliver Copp on Meltzer’s subscription-only message board. The conversation revealed some interesting details regarding UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen and his steroid controversy.

According to Copp, Sonnen is receiving permanent treatment for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

A lot of people who cut weight from an early age develop low levels of testosterone. The weight cutting process increases the possibility of damaging your endocrine system by 5,000 percent.

Sonnen was being treated with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) before his fight with Yushin Okami. Sonnen declared that he was getting the therapy and the California State Athletic Commission approved of it. Due to HRT being a permanent therapy, Sonnen assumed that he would not need to go through the loops to have the CSAC approve his case again. He was wrong.

Copp adds that Sonnen will likely just get a slap-on-the-wrist penalty and should be able to return by February.

Meltzer replied:

The problem is if you look at photos of Sonnen from fight to fight, you notice far bigger and more muscular for Marquardt & especially Silva as compared to all of his previous fights.

It’s possible he has legit reasons for it. However, I do recall when the subject came up in 2008 that he California commission said they had never approved of anyone using hormone replacement therapy and gave the indication they likely never would because of the ease for abuse. Obviously that’s pre Okami fight and the guy in charge of the commission changed to someone not nearly as much of a hardass on the drug issue.

But in OVW and WWE pre-Benoit, everyone was able to do that as a gimmick, get the prescriptions and it was a gimmick. Even after, when WWE cracked down, there were a few exemptions and the doctor in charge felt every single one was shady.

WWE now will not hire someone with that prescription, or allow any prescriptions for test, as company policy.

And then Copp quickly fired back:

Look at Matt Hughes physically in the Serra fight and then the Gracie fight. Compare that to how he looked in the Almeida fight. Guess when he started going on HRT.

I think this is all somewhat murky water, and I sincerely feel that if Sonnen has ANY case, the Cali commission will want this to go away without much in the way of coverage.

The folks at CageSide Seats tracked down executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Keizer. According to Kizer:

Sonnen never applied or was approved for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Not in February or any of his previous fights in Nevada. Before the Marquardt fight, he applied and was approved for Soma/carisprodol (a muscle relaxer recently banned completely by WWE because it can cause intoxication while others don’t and are more effective) for sleep as long as he didn’t take it the night before and doxycyline (an antibiotic) for acne.

Sonnen’s hearing will be on December 2nd. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out and if his defense sticks. If what he is saying is true, then he definitely deserves a lighter suspension and should be back in the octagon sooner than anticipated.

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