Josh Koscheck Shows Off Post-Fight Eye Damage (Pic)

UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck was demolished by current champion Georges St-Pierre in the main event of UFC 124 this past weekend. In the first round of the bout, Koscheck suffered a fractured orbital. The trash-talking villian did  not hesitate to show off his heart as he went all five rounds with GSP.

It is now 24-hours following the dominating performance by GSP, and Josh Koscheck posted a picture of his damaged eye.

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  • Neil Manich

    Just now got the irony of Koscheck of all people suffering an eye injury. Hard to say he was faking this one. Karma maybe.

    • fingerssfv

      Thanks for bringing that up. How ironic, huh? All those (ahem) pokings in the Octagon and then this occurs.

  • Jim

    I’m glad he got his a– beat but I have a lot of respect for his courage and his ability . I think he should stay off GSPs street for awhile .

  • fingerssfv

    I know if I fought a guy with use of only one eye and beat him, I certainly would NOT be bragging about it. All this talk about “Thrashing”; “one-sided” etc makes me sick. The guy beat a man with one eye. Of course it’ll be a dominating performance, because he didn’t have to fight Josh Koscheck; he fought a guy with use of only one eye. If everyone is all that, about GSPs performance (including GSP), have GSP put an eye patch on his eye, then stick him in the Octagon with Josh. However that injury occured, it was by freak accident, because ask GSP; did he really throw such a strike that he anticipated such a result? No that was a freak occurence. He just happened to get a spot that blew up on Josh. Unfortunately, Josh was stuck with that from the very first round. GSP better had won all five rounds, heck, he was fighting a guy with use of only one eye!! That is nothing to brag about. That was no feat. Tell me one fighter who couldn’t do that in the Octagon, much less GSP. I would hope for a rematch as soon as Josh is cleared by Doctors.

    • http://cagepages jay

      Finger man….boo f king woo. Faber broke two hands trying to get his belt back,and almost did! Josh simply can not handle GSP. Get over it! And I don’t take anything away from Josh,good fighter….he’s had his chances now it’s done and over.

    • http://PGCitizen Sir Mount

      HAHAHA, that’s hilarious! Koschek’s eye was shut BECAUSE OF GSP’s dominance. GSP didn’t dominate because of the eye being shut. GSP shut the eye FOR Koscheck. Your rationale here is fantastic to make fun of. Your buddy Kos took a beating, one he very much deserved. Hopefully he learns to keep his mouth shut, or someone will close his eyes shut for him.

  • D

    It wasn’t a freak accident. A freak accident would be if Koscheck punched himself in the eye by accident and broke his orbital lobe. He got punched in the eye with a great jab and it broke his eye socket. So… he lost. I’m pretty sure that counts as a ass whooping. Did you want GSP to just stop fighting after he busted that kids eye open? So you can’t say it wasnt fair or that GSP and everyone else shouldn’t brag,because, they should. He broke his eye. Whether that happened in the first round or the 5th round, it happened. Not from an accident, but from GSP’s fist.

  • http://cagepages jay

    I agree D,no accident. NO rematch…..not needed.

  • Clay Foster

    Fighting a man with one eye? You mean he only had one eye before the fight? I don’t think so. Koscheck ran his mouth for months about how he was going to destroy GSP. Instead, he showed he is not in GSP’s class. Sure let them fight again, I love seeing Josh get his A@@ whipped.