Anthony Pettis Lands Unbelievable Head Kick At WEC 53 (GIF)

At WEC 53, Anthony Pettis challenged champion Ben Henderson and became the final WEC lightweight champion via unanimous decision. Pettis also becomes the number one contender for the UFC 155-pound belt. The most significant thing to come from the bout, however, was an unbelievable head kick that Pettis landed which looked like something out of a movie.

Words cannot describe one of the most stunning acts of athleticism I have seen in sports. Quite possibly a defining moment for MMA in the mainstream media. This will HAVE to be on ESPN and their Top Ten plays on SportsCenter. Have a look!

Image courtesy of drewsiph on The UG


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  • Benroberts

    Awesome!!!!!!! Gray Maynard or Frankie Edgar watch out!!!!!!!!!!! There’s fence jumping head kicks now.

  • Benroberts

    SHOWTIME KICK!!!!!!!

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  • That’s a dive

    Looks like a dive to me. Notice how he conveniently drops his gaurd right before getting smacked in the face. Why the F would you do that?

    • Josh Sanchez

      I am assuming this is a joke… He droppe his guard, but after the first kick (which was a step of the cage) was faked so he was retreating, but then Showtime propelled off to the cage and hit Henderson right in the head. It is clear there was contact.

    • stating the obvious

      maybe because he wasn’t expecting his opponent to JUMP OFF THE FENCE AND KICK HIM IN THE FACE.

  • Muddermucker

    Wow! This is Bruce Lee stuff. Nice move!