Way To Go, Mr. White

For some people, the judgement call as to the personhood of UFC President and MMA celebrity Dana White is still up in the air. But beneath all his salty language and harsh attitude, it seems that there exists a soft, kind-hearted benevolent side. And I’m really thankful to have seen it.

I’m a Dana fan myself.   Sure, there have been many times when I wished he would ‘PG’ his language and be a little, well maybe a lot, more tame in his personality. And I wish my son could watch some UFC broadcasts with me… without hearing words I don’t let him hear.  But at least Dana is being real. And somehow, it works.

But when I recently read that he was volunteering to pay for the $50,000+ surgery for a little girl in Thailand, I smiled. Thanks Dana. You have shown us your more human side. I appreciate it.

Rough and tough MMA has made a legend, celebrity and might I say very rich man out of Dana White. And this use of his wealth deserves respect.

For those of you who haven’t read the details… It’s a great story about a Muay Thai trainer in Phuket, Thailand known as Kru Nai. His young daughter has a condition that is repairable but will ultimately kill her if nothing is done. She needs a liver transplant and she needs it fast.

A well known internet forum became the host to a conversation in which fans were asking Dana to step in and provide for this little girl. All it took was a UFC employee reading the thread and letting Dana in on the request. He quickly agreed to pay for the entire surgery. Way to go Dana.

In the long run, this story brings several realities to light.

1. You have to ask for great things in order to receive them.
2. Dana White has a soft heart.
3. Those who have been given much, can change the lives of those who have great needs.
4. etc.

I’d love to read what others have learned from this story.

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