UFC Champ Anderson Silva Shows Off His Home & Sparks HGH Controversy

The folks at UFC Brazil got an all access look into the home of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. It’s worth checking out if you want to check out how a MMA star is living and you can always fall back on the attractive reporter if all else fails. Here it is:

A few mixed martial arts message boards tried to stir up drama over the video saying there was evidence of steroid or HGH usage.

Here is a picture with Taraxatone — a diuretic — in the closet of Silva. Diuretics are banned.

Another screen shot that shows pen tip syringes used for Insulin or HGH delivery devices, allegedly.

Whoever started the rumors on those message boards were just trying to stir up trouble. Taraxatone is a legal diuretic. The pens in the image are for diabetics and not for HGH. So now that you can look past the “controversy” enjoy the video for what it is worth. A behind the scenes look at Silva’s crib.

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