Paul Daley: I Am Going To Knock Diaz Out Within Three Rounds

Paul Daley was interviewed by The MMA Digest and delivered some brilliant sound bites as usual. One of the most notable statements from the interview was Daley’s guarantee that he will knock Nick Diaz out in their upcoming fight.

“I’m going to knock him out within three rounds. I think he’s going to have difficulty clinching me, going to have difficulty taking me down, shooting from the outside. And he’s going to have difficulty dealing with my power and speed, whether it be punches, or kicks or elbows or whatever.

“I’ve always had a strong left and I’ve just been developing it through training and conditioning. It just seems to be paying off for me really well. You know, it’s my killer move, it’s my go to move.”

There will no doubt be fireworks in the April 9th bout that headlines a Strikeforce card live on Showtime. Full audio of the interview is available after the jump.

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