CSAC: Chael Sonnen Can Apply For Liscense In June 2011

After yesterday’s hearing involving the California State Athletic Commission and Chael Sonnen, the ruling was that the CSAC was going to uphold Sonnen’s indefinite suspension. Well… not so fast my friends. Today the CSAC issued a press release stating Sonnen could apply for a license as soon as June.

Chael Sonnen May Apply for License after June 29, 2011

Errors Made in Interpreting Rule 399

“Upon reviewing the May 18, 2011 decision of the Commission, an error in the applicability of Rule 399 was made. The rule states that, “Any applicant who has been denied an application for a license may not file a similar application until one year from the date of the last previous denial by the commission. Any application filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing. Anyone who has had his license revoked may not petition for reinstatement or apply for a new license until one year after the date of such revocation. Any petition for reinstatement filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing.” Since the Commission did not revoke or deny Mr. Sonnen’s license, the rule does not apply.

Given that Mr. Sonnen’s license will expire on June 29, 2011, the suspension imposed upon the license will be extinguished by operation of law. Therefore, Mr. Sonnen may reapply for a license at any time following that date. He will, however, be required to appear at a Commission meeting to have his application considered. If the Commission denies his application, Mr. Sonnen will have to wait one year from the date of the denial.”

Sonnen was being considered for a spot as a coach on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Bisping. The two would face off at the end of the season in a number one contendership bout for Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

If the indefinite suspension was upheld, there is no way the UFC could have gone forward with this. However, with the correction in their ruling, it will be interesting to see if Dana White and his boys will once again consider bringing Sonnen in as a coach on the next TUF.

Let me just say this… I sure hope so.

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