King Mo Is Not Fond Of Jon Jones' "Hoe Moves"

Strikeforce light-heavyweight fighter “King Mo” Lawal had some very unflattering words for UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones. In an interview from, King Mo was asked what he thought about Jon Jones going to the media about text messages he received from former teammate and rival Rashad Evans.

Here is King Mo’s candid response:

“Personally, Jon Jones is the king of hoe moves. That’s sh*t your ex-girl, Superhead, or Kat Stacks would do. I wouldn’t apologize for sh*t and I don’t think Rashad should either. Like I said before, that’s some hoe sh*t; petty in my eyes. So what? He called Jones a white boy? I’ve heard worse and y’all have too. It’s funny how some fans wanna be PC and sh*t, but then some of these same muthaf*ckaz wanna pay to see some organized violence. LOL! Or they boo if a fight ain’t violent enough. LOL!”

King Mo’s comments seemed to echo the growing opinion amongst fight fans when it comes to Jon Jones. The comments also seemed to show a love for fecal matter from the Strikeforce star.

Jones has always tried to play up the humble, nice guy role but you can always see right through him. His comments at press conferences are often filled will arrogance and his fake surgery used to duck Rashad Evans really made me respect him less.

Is Jon Jones a fraud? I can’t say that. I will say that he is quickly turning from a good boy who can do no wrong into a snitch and a kid who appears too immature to be in the spotlight. He’s got a lot to learn in the sport and a guy like Lyoto Machida could be the one to truly humble him.

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