Rashad Evans: I'm Going To Destroy Tito Ortiz

“Everybody wants to be where I’m at. I want to be fighting for the belt and they want to be fighting for the belt. So when you get to this position, it’s a dog eats dog world. Everybody wants to be the top dog. And no matter who I go against, they’re always going to try to come and try to get at me.

“I think Tito’s going to try to get me down. I think he’ll try to get me down, put me on my back, do a little bit of ground and pound. That was his game plan in the first fight and I think he’s going to try to do it again this fight but I’m not a puppy anymore. I’m a big dog in the game now. It’s not going to be the same.

“I’m that much faster than him. As long as I keep my movement going and keep using my speed, I think that he should be a couple steps behind me. He’s going to be making a mistake even stepping into the cage with me, let alone try and stand with me.

“I’m confident no matter where this fight goes, I’m going to destroy him. There’s no doubt in my mind I will defeat Tito Ortiz. That I know for sure. As sure as my next breath, I’m going to defeat Tito Ortiz.”

[HT: The Underground]

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