UFC 140: Will Lyoto Machida Be Jon Jones' Toughest Fight Yet?

UFC president Dana White just dropped a bombshell to the Twitter universe today by announcing the main event for UFC 140, which will take place in Toronto on December 10th. Light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will be putting his title on the line, but not against former teammate Rashad Evans like we were all led to believe. Instead, Jones will be facing former champion Lyoto Machida.

Machida is coming off of an impressive knockout victory over mixed martial arts legend Randy Couture, while Jones has reeled off five straight impressive victories.

“The Dragon” brings an interesting style to the fight that Jon Jones has never seen before. Machida is a counter-striker who uses his stance to create distance. The distance in Machida’s stance should help neutralize Jones’ enormous reach. It is tough to emulate what Machida does in the ring, so how will Jones react to this tough challenge?

Jones has passed every test in his young career with flying colors, but this looks like it will be the toughest test of his career. Machida has the jiu jitsu to work on the ground if necessary and impressive stand up that comes from angles you never see coming. The key to this fight will be Jon Jones’ legs. Machida could very well leg kick his way to a victory and Jones will be left hobbling out of the cage without his belt and without another anticipated in-cage stare down with Rashad Evans.

This is going to be a fun one.

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