MFC 31 to Feature Half Point Scoring System

MFC 31 will be taking place tonight in Edmonton, Canada and it will be the first time Canadians will be witness to the sports new half point scoring system. Tuning in to the fights on HD Net could also be the first exposure that many MMA fans have to the system.

MMA judging has long created controversy and this new system is something that four commissions will be testing and then reporting back to the Association of Boxing Commissions at their annual convention in 2012.

Could the half point scoring system work? It’s very possible, but is it really necessary? The ten point must system, which is currently employed, is effective and can be used to score every fight without fault if the judges are educated enough about the sport. If judges would be more willing to hand out 10-10, 10-8 and 10-7 rounds like the system encourages, then there would be no controversy with the ten point must system.

Until the judges become more educated, there will be controversy and new systems being tested. Tonight will be interesting to see how the half point system works in competitive matches.

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