Has Rashad Earned His Shot?

If Rashad Evans wins Saturday against Phil Davis has he earned his title shot? He has fought three times in over two years and recently beat an over the hill Tito Ortiz. 

The argument can be made that there is no one else deserving, but I have one name for you, Dan Henderson. The former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion has won 3 straight fights and most recently defeated former UFC Champion Shogun Rua. Henderson presents the wrestling that could give Jones trouble and that right hand of his so perfectly named “H-Bomb.” He has been reliable to stay healthy for fights and recently fought so both him and Jones would have relatively the same time off.

The only reason the UFC won’t make that fight is because of the rivalry between Jones and Evans. Both have stated their hatred for each other and have talked a fair amount from each side. This is the UFC’s dream matchup, the superstar, Jon Jones, and the catalyst Rashad Evans.

The question remains does Davis get his title shot if he defeats Rashad? He is undefeated, but also hasn’t fought in a while. For the UFC their best bet is Evans runs through Davis to set up a title fight between him and Jones for mid-spring in what could be one of the highest grossing PPV of the year.

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