Reaction to The Ultimate Fighter Live

This is the first season of The Ultimate Fighter that is showing live fights and obviously some things need to be worked out with it. The fighters are good we saw good submissions, good knockouts and good fights overall. To fit into the time slot the fights to get into the house were only one five minute round, which from a finishing stand point is good because it forces fighters to go all out from the beginning, but in my opinion does not give us a full view of how good a fighter really is.

The show overall seemed slightly unprepared. There were some silent moments between fights where no one was talking, but that should be figured out with time and other times a person was cut off while talking. It’s hard to be able to work commentary in with the fights when the channel has to go to commercials without any chance to edit, so this may stay through the season.

My biggest gripe may not be with how it was live, but with the weight class chosen. We’ve seen 155ers before and it’s a very deep weight class already. Most lightweights have been discovered already and a lot of the fighters aren’t very young, so some aren’t up and comers. There were some 30 year olds fighting and the idea of The Ultimate Fighter is to discover new talent. I would’ve preferred to see flyweights or even heavyweights. The first heavyweight season wasn’t that exciting, but as heavyweights get more athletic it should be better a second time around.

Don’t let this deter anyone from watching the new season. There are talented fighters and a lot of good all around guys, but it’s just something we’ve seen before and a weight class switch would’ve worked well. We saw how good last season was with bantam and featherweights and a season with flyweights could have done wonders for a newly integrated weight class.

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