What American Fighter Can Represent The UFC?

The UFC and MMA is a world wide sport. While it may not be the top sport in the world it does give people from all countries the opportunity to compete. It’s not a sport like football or basketball where most fighters come from America it is a true global sport. There are fighters like Michael Bisping who represent England and Anderson Silva is the most well known Brazilian besides Royce Gracie. Who can represent America.

First, MMA while a sport started in Brazil, most UFC fighters are from America or Brazil and thanks to Michael Bisping is finally starting to reach Europe. There are a ton of American fighters that fans know, but who can truly stand out to be the American fighter.

The obvious choice would be someone like Brian Stann because he is a war hero, but doesn’t have the credentials to represent the country. Chael Sonnen, while many like him, is too outspoken to be the representative and would not be popular. America’s best choice would be a fighter such as Frankie Edgar.

The lightweights represent the best of both worlds. It gives fans knockouts, submissions, stamina and everything you want in a fight. Frankie Edgar has boxing ability that boxing fans can love, a wrestling background that wrestlers enjoy and the absolute heart of a champion. He’s the small guy that everyone can appreciate and fights to the end. Edgar discredits the idea that the bigger fighter has the advantage and showed that against Gray Maynard. He is a fighter that could truly represent our country and be the American fighter us Americans appreciate and make our favorite.

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