Brock Is Where He Should Be

Monday night on WWE marked the return of Brock Lesnar. Below is the highlights of Brock’s return to the WEE. After retiring from professional wrestling in 2004 he tried out for the Minnesota Vikings before finding a home in MMA.

It took Lesnar four fights to win the heavyweight title. Was he ready? No, but he was a big name in a weak division. He suffered through two bouts of diverticulitis, a knockout loss to Cain Velasquez and another to Allistair Overeem before retiring. No one should be upset that Brock retired because he’s back where he belongs.

Lesnar in the UFC was a man with heavy hands, but no technique and as we soon learned no chin. His game was to use his strength and wrestling background to beat up opponents, but if it didn’t work he was in trouble. It took him two UFC fights to earn a title shot and he went 1-1 in those fights. He faced an undersized Randy Couture for the title where he was able to use his size to defeat Couture.

Brock just wasn’t right for the UFC. He wanted to be isolated and was a very quiet fighter. Lesnar was a less interesting Nick Diaz. We saw it as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, Brock was isolated and not a very good coach. He didn’t make the season interesting because he wasn’t a personality that would cause clashes.

I believe if Lesnar would have started doing MMA immediately after college he would be successful, but since he started so late there was no time for him to train and learn. The UFC rushed him to the top and that was ultimately his downfall. Now he’s back where he belongs and where he can keep making a name for himself.

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