Thiago Silva's Road Back

Thiago Silva faces Alexander Gustaffson at UFC on Fuel this weekend in his first fight since a failed drug test after a win over Brandon Vera. This was nearly a year ago and we all got a good laugh, but now Silva comes back to a very large drug issue in MMA.

After UFC 125 Silva tested positive for what was called “urine inconsistent with that of humans.” At the time we all laughed and made jokes of it, but now he may be on thin ice coming back.

Since the failed test over a year ago there have been a ridiculous amount of positive drug tests. The MMA world witnessed Cristiane Santos test for a bodybuilding drug, Chris Leben test positive for oxycodone, Diaz test for marijuana and most recently Overeem fail his drug test for raised testosterone.

With all these failed drug tests the UFC needs to start cracking down. It’s likely that Overeem will be cut if he doesn’t get his test overturned and Diaz is no longer fighting, but there hasn’t been a punishment by Zuffa. Silva will need to earn his fans back and definitely cannot fail another drug test.

The best thing that Silva did was come clean after failing his test a year ago. He admitted it and explained why he did it, but still it’s a failed test. If he fails another he will most likely be cut based on all the recent drug issues, but right now it’s all about cleaning up his image and winning back fans.

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