Tim Sylvia's Story Gets Sadder

We’ve been hearing it for the past year, Tim Sylvia wants back in the UFC and feels he deserves the chance. That’s fine, we all understand, you left the UFC had a rough slide, but have gotten back on track and feel you deserve another shot. What’s not okay is your ludicrous idea that you are an elite heavyweight.

Sylvia stated:

“Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez and probably Shane Carwin.  Those top five right there are very tough fights for me, the fight could go either way. All the other ones, I believe I win easily.”

At least he understands that those are difficult fights, but the fact he considers them winnable is shocking. I get it fighters need to have confidence in himself, but they also need to be realistic. You don’t hear Matt Hughes or Rich Franklin screaming for a title shot. There’s a point in a fighter’s career where he understands his skills are declining.

The worst part is it’s all Sylvia’s fault. He was on top of the world in the UFC and decided to leave the promotion after losing the title to Nogueira. Sylvia lost to Fedor then we watched his career fall complete off a cliff. He was knocked out by professional boxer, Ray Mercer. He constantly shows up out of shape and since the Fedor loss has only fought at heavyweight one time.

Sylvia likes to play the game of “what ifs.” We always here him say, IF I beat Fedor. That’s great, but you lost so that hypothetical means nothing. Focus on your career now and not what could have been.

If he wants to get back in the UFC showing up out of shape isn’t going to do it. There are no super heavyweight fights in the UFC and he’s going to have to get in shape. Sylvia hasn’t fought any big name fighters other than Fedor since being cut from the UFC. He lost to Ray Mercer and Abe Wagner. His most notable wins are against a former World’s Strongest Man and Paul Buentello. Those aren’t exactly names that scream for the UFC to come calling.

The biggest thing for Sylvia is to fight better names and to do it at heavyweight. If he shows that he can stay in shape and win a few more fights maybe the UFC will call. At this point it’s the best he can hope for and if the UFC ever does call he better pick up that phone immediately.

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