Diaz Shows He Still Doesn't Get It

Nick Diaz was supposed to fight Braulio Estima in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Superfight Saturday, but did not show up. This is just another joke in the career of Nick Diaz. He has shown a constant lack of professionalism throughout his MMA career and now it seems he has brought that over to jiu-jitsu.

This was a fight fans were looking forward to. It wasn’t just jiu-jitsu fans, but MMA fans and Diaz fans. The fact that he didn’t show up again shows that he doesn’t get it.

He was already suspended for a year from MMA due to a failed drug test, but this jiu-jitsu match was his way of showing he is one of the top guys. Diaz has stated before he wanted to box and this jiu-jitsu match was going to be another combat sport he could test himself at.

The Diaz no show may have finally burned all the bridges that he had to get back to the UFC. Although he is currently retired, we all expected Diaz to come back after  the suspension was done. He had issues with the UFC before, but when he was signed again to the UFC it looked as if he finally understood how to play the game.

Diaz however, has missed press conferences, flights and failed drug tests. The UFC gave him numerous opportunities because he is a fan favorite, but this may be the final straw. He skipped a jiu-jitsu fight he was the main event for and left fans standing awkwardly wondering what would happen next.

Imagine if Diaz was a no show to a UFC main event. It’s something the UFC can’t risk for the company, especially since it’s now on a major network. This may have been the final straw for a relationship between the UFC and Diaz again. If Diaz ever does decide to make a comeback, it seems unlikely the UFC will be his option.

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