Who's Next For Kampmann?

Martin Kampmann defeated Jake Ellenberger in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale by a second round TKO. This should set him up for a No. 1 contender bout for the shot at the belt, but with the craziness of the welterweight division at the moment what happens?

Realistically, Kampmann could have a six fight winning streak. If it wasn’t for two razor close decisions that didn’t go his way he would have already had a title shot. On the other hand he could have already been cut from the UFC.

If Thiago Alves doesn’t go for a takedown with one minute left in the fight that gives him a third loss in four UFC fights. The same goes for his most recent bout with Ellenberger. Steve Mazzagatti gave us another showcase of why he is one of the worst referees in MMA.

In the first round Kampmann was basically knocked out cold and recovered when he hit the canvas, but Mazzagatti allowed him to recover. When Kampmann put Ellenberger out with a knee, Mazzagatti stepped right in and didn’t give him any time to recover.

Assuming everyone is healthy, Kampmann should fight Johny Hendricks for a title. Condit and St. Pierre should fight sometime in November to unify the welterweight belt and Kampmann-Hendricks could be the co-main event on the card. It’s tough to give Kampmann a shot, but it seems like every fight he nearly gets finished then wins by some hail mary.

Hendricks has huge power in his hands and if he clips Kampmann it may be sleep time for the Dutchman. With his recent performances Kampmann has set himself up for a title shot, but he needs to improve his game plan in order to reach the top of the division.

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