Edgar-Hendo II Early Preview

The UFC 150 press conference was Tuesday and the main event is Benson Henderson against Frankie Edgar. This is a rematch of their UFC 142 fight, one that saw Henderson win by split decision.

The biggest difference in the first fight was the obvious size difference between Henderson and Edgar. It seemed as if Edgar could never get inside the range of the WEC veteran. Edgar was never able to work his wrestling and ,although he may have had the superior wrestling, Edgar was unable to use it due to Henderson’s length.

It’s tough to go against the heart of Edgar. We’ve seen him persevere through tough battles before and come out victorious. He was nearly finished twice by Gray Maynard and any normal fighter would have gone down by those shots from Maynard.

Edgar definitely has some power, but it wasn’t evident against Henderson because he wasn’t able to work the stand up. He had his issues in the second Maynard fight, but after the draw was able to win the rematch.

It’s hard to believe that Edgar can’t perform better in a rematch with Henderson and that was an extremely close fight to begin with.

The key for Henderson ,of course, is going to be to use the same game plan as in his first title fight. He needs to avoid the takedowns, work his superior length and avoid the shots from Edgar.

Henderson seems to be the more powerful striker and this will definitely be an advantage for him.

This should be one of the more highly anticipated rematches in the UFC, but seems to be lost in the shuffle of Sonnen vs. Silva II. After that fight this rematch should get a ton of publicity and deservedly so. Pay attention as we draw closer to this lightweight title fight.

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