The Need for an MMA Hall of Fame

It was announced today that Tito Ortiz will be inducted into the UFC hall of fame. That’s wonderful and he is definitely deserving, but the UFC hall of fame doesn’t include all mixed martial artists who helped develop the sport.

MMA is still a young sport. It’s not established like baseball or football and there aren’t many credible writers out there yet. If you are a mixed martial arts fan there are a few websites to get information from, but other than that there aren’t many places to go. This means we aren’t able to get enough writers to conduct a proper vote for a hall of fame.

In five or ten years MMA may be the third largest sport in the USA behind football and basketball, maybe fourth if baseball is still popular. Not only does this mean that there will be more money and publicity in MMA, but also a legitimate hall of fame.

As fans we will be able to learn about the greats that haven’t been inducted into the UFC hall of fame, whether it be because of a falling out with the promotion or they never fought there.

What will be key is to set it up with the different eras of MMA so fans can learn the growth of the sport. An inaugural class of hall of famers could be inducted, fighters like Royce Gracie and others of that time, and it can be a huge ceremony. Each year require a fighter to get a certain percent of the vote like in baseball and can only be on the ballot for so long.

In a few years there would be a great hall of fame that gave us the history of the sport and those who helped develop up it. No longer would we see an active fighter being elected like in the UFC hall of fame and with writers controlling it there would definitely be more credibility to it.

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