Chael Is Inside Silva's Head

Monday, the UFC hosted a phone call for UFC 148 between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. During the phone call Silva promised to break all of Chael’s teeth, arms and legs, and to beat him like Chael’s mother should have.

The trash talking is getting out of hand at this point. We’ve gone from fun, but sometimes inappropriate, trash talk from Chael, like when he said he wants his steak that Silva’s wife will cook him medium rare to serious threats.

Do I think Silva is going to do this to Chael? No, but this just adds more and more hype to this fight. It should be the most highly anticipated rematch in UFC history and an event that will no doubt live up to the hype.

These are two fighters that absolutely hate each other. Chael is the perfect super villain to the super hero Silva or vice versa depending on your view, but Chael is also the perfect fighter to defeat Anderson.

If you molded the perfect game plan to defeat Silva it would involve a strong wrestler that pressures his opponents and has good enough stand up to where you have to respect it. Chael is that fighter. His only weakness is submission defense, but there is no doubt he has sured that up since the last fight.

I expect this fight to go very similar to the first fight. Chael will pressure Silva and avoid the submissions to win a grind it out decision.

The fact that Silva is so infuriated by the trash talk only helps Sonnen. It’s tough to fight with a solid game plan when you are fighting with rage.

Sonnen is going to use Silva’s rage against him. He will rush him like he did the first fight and use the exact same game plan. I may be in the minority picking Sonnen, but this fight isn’t going to be a blow out like many are predicting.

Expect a war between the two fighters and a fight that will no doubt live up to the hype. This will be the biggest fight in the history of the UFC and one all fans should be paying attention to.

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