Why Chael Will Win

Chael Sonnen will take on Anderson Silva Saturday at UFC 148 for the middleweight title. We’ve heard talking from both sides and it seems to start getting personal.

Sonnen has been making jokes about Silva and how he wants his steak cooked by Silva’s wife and after so much trash talk by Sonnen it has finally come to a breaking point for Silva.

He threatened to break all of Sonnen’s teeth, his arms and legs at UFC 148 and it’s the first time we’ve seen Silva lash out like that at an opponent.

Fans think this is just more of a reason why Silva will win, but Sonnen has more of a chance than what fans are giving him to win.

First, Chael is the perfect foil for Silva’s technique. Silva likes to feel out his opponents and find out the range he can fight at. This is the total opposite of what any fighter has done against Silva. He pressured Silva and was able to use that to his advantage.

A lot of the fighters that Silva has faced have been perfect fighters for Silva to dominate and some have been undeserving of a title. Fighters like Travis Lutter and Patrick Cote were undeserving and Chris Leben and Forrest Griffin were two fighters designed for Silva to defeat.

Sonnen isn’t afraid of the aura of Anderson Silva. This is something a lot of fighters fall into when they’re fighting him. They get more scared of Anderson Silva the myth rather than the true fighter. Sonnen isn’t worried about that, he isn’t afraid of anyone and won’t be afraid to step in the cage with him.

Chael has a huge advantage being the underdog in this fight. Everyone thinks he only fought well because of the rib injury, but every fighter comes in hurt. Sonnen definitely can defeat Silva and take the belt.

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