Sonnen Inside Silva's Head

The UFC held the usual pre fight press conference Tuesday for UFC 148. By now we all know that Saturday July 7 will feature the UFC middleweight title fight between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. The press conference got very heated as did the post press conference staredown.

Throughout the conference Silva made the same threats that he has been for the past couple weeks. He threatened to break his bones and repeatedly punch Sonnen continuously in the face. Silva even guaranteed a first round knockout victory at UFC 148.

The stare down became even more heated as both Silva and Sonnen needed to be held back by UFC employees and it looked as if Silva said something to Sonnen on the split.

The press conference showed that Sonnen is inside Silva’s head even deeper than we thought and this gives a big advantage to Sonnen as odd as that may sound.

A fighter can’t come into an event mad at an opponent. He can’t be guaranteeing knockouts and threatening to knock his teeth out and break every bone in his body.

Silva needs to come into the fight controlled and prepared with a game plan. If he is so focused on brawling with Sonnen, he will leave himself open to takedowns.

This falls right into Sonnen’s trap. He is an outstanding wrestler and his ground and pound is just as good. If Sonnen can get the takedown, he will continue to punish Silva as he did for five rounds in the last fight. I wouldn’t count on another miracle triangle from Silva either.

Silva needs to be controlled and prepared for this fight not just waiting for a knockout. A game plan is key for both of these fighters and the rage Silva will carry into this fight could take away from that game plan.

This just makes this fight even more interesting in how it can go and I cannot wait to see this fight Saturday.

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