Jul. 7, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Anderson Silva celebrates after defeating Chael Sonnen (not pictured) during a middleweight bout in UFC 148 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jones-Silva Superfight Needed

Anderson Silva defeated his biggest nemesis at UFC 148. The man that had given Silva the most trouble in and out of the octagon was finally finished.

Silva has cleaned out the division. There aren’t many fighters in the division left for Silva to fight. Bisping isn’t deserving and Belfort is still injured and needs at least one more fight before he earns a title shot.

Therefore, the only fighter deserving of a shot at Silva is Jon Jones. He is the light heavyweight champion and other than Chael Sonnen would give Silva the most trouble.

Jones is 6’4″ and has the longest reach in the UFC. He has outstanding wrestling and such impressive striking that he is nearly impossible to plan for. The problem is this fight most likely will never happen.

For both fighters the issue is it could hurt their legacies. Jon Jones looks unbeatable and has an aura around him that could be shattered with a loss to Silva. The middleweight champion wants to be known as the greatest fighter ever, but a loss to Jones could ruin that. Jones is a younger Silva and the last person Silva would like to face.

The other issue and this one is just ridiculous is that they both say they will not fight each other. Jones has said, “they are boys.” Fighters can be friends, but that doesn’t mean they cannot fight each other.

Jones and Silva do not train in the same camp and are hundreds of miles away. The only similarity they have is being UFC champions, but they refuse to fight each other.

This is a fight we need to see for both fighters. Jones has a fight with Dan Henderson in September, but assuming he wins that bout the next fight should be against Silva.

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