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July 11, 2012; San Jose, CA, USA; Chris Weidman (center) celebrates with his team after defeating Mark Munoz (not pictured) in the middleweight bout of the UFC on Fuel TV at HP Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Weidman is a new top contender

Chris Weidman defeated Mark Munoz pretty handily at UFC on Fuel last Tuesday and now has began the callout process. He has stated that he will not only be the first person in the UFC to defeat Anderson Silva, but the first to finish him.

To casual fans and Anderson Silva lovers this may seem farfetched. Silva has run through nearly all of his opponents in the UFC and just completed the final part of the test when he defeated his nemesis, Chael Sonnen.

Weidman, however, is a different challenge for Silva than Sonnen was. The Serra-Longo fighter has run through all of his opponents in the UFC and it’s not just the names he’s defeating, but how he has done it.

He has taken three of his five fights in the UFC on short notice and looked impressive in those bouts. The even scarier thing is how good Weidman has been when he’s had a full training camp.

In his two full training camps he finished both fights and defeated who was believed to be the No. 1 contender in Munoz.

Obviously the UFC doesn’t want to rush such a young prospect into a title shot, but he’s forcing their hand. He’s called out the champion and his fights speak for themselves.

If not Weidman who do you give to Silva?

Bisping lost his previous fight to Sonnen and is now scheduled to fight Brian Stann in September and Lombard still needs to win his fight at UFC 149 and that would be his only UFC fight.

Weidman is a serious threat to Anderson Silva’s belt. He has the wrestling game of Chael Sonnen, but also top level jiu-jitsu. Unlike Sonnen, he would not be caught in the submissions because of his familiarity with the ground game.

You could even argue he has the striking to hang with Silva. We saw in the Munoz fight his ability to counter strike and it was something he hadn’t seen before.

Fans always say that elbows only cut people, but that was a legitimate knockout from an elbow. The way he threw it was perfect too. Weidman countered the strike from Munoz and used a perfectly timed short elbow to take out the former top contender.

Weidman is going to get his shot at the UFC belt, if he keeps fighting like he has. The UFC may want Weidman to wait a couple more fights to earn his shot, but he’s earning it now. The way he competes in this division and his well rounded game make him a force against any fighter, even Anderson Silva.

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