Silva-GSP makes sense, but not now

In the past week we have seen everyone voice their opinion on who Anderson Silva should fight next. Weidman feels he deserves to fight Silva for the title, Nick Diaz has called out Silva and the champion’s manager feels that St. Pierre is the only fighter that makes sense for Silva.

Fans have been pining for a Silva-GSP match for years now and it looked like it was getting closer and closer to becoming a possibility. St. Pierre was running through the welterweight division while Silva was cleaning out the middleweight division.

It seemed to be only a matter of time before the two champions crossed path. Every fan wants to see this fight, even Dana White wants to see this fight, but now is not the time.

St. Pierre has been out for over a year with a torn ACL. He has stated on prior occasions that he would need about a year to gain the necessary weight to fight at middleweight. That would put GSP out for over two years and it leaves an even bigger problem in the UFC. Due to St. Pierre’s injury the UFC created an interim title at welterweight and Carlos Condit holds the belt.

A St. Pierre move to middleweight leaves Carlos Condit forced to wait longer for a title unification fight with the champ or just forced Condit to wait around for no reason.

Silva also has no lack of challengers at the moment. We see the up and comer Weidman as the obvious choice for Silva and the fact the fight hasn’t been announced is shocking.

Weidman may not be a big name opponent, but he has done everything to earn a title shot. He defeated Mark Munoz who was supposed to be the No. 1 contender and is undefeated in his career. The Serra-Longo product has defeated every fighter thrown in front of him and when he gets a full training camp he is a scary fighter.

If both Silva and St. Pierre get through their next fights a fight between the two is a possible, but for now this bout is a dream and nothing else.

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