Mukai Maromo discusses MFC 34

Sunday on MMA Insight Radio, myself and Ryan “That MMA Guy” Justason interviewed the uncrowned lightweight king of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Mukai Maromo was coming off a vicious knockout win against Adam Lynn in a rematch of their MFC 33 bout that many felt Lynn had won via split decision.

The MFC 34 event was supposed to be for the MFC lightweight title, but  Adam Lynn missed weight forcing it to be a non title, three round battle.

Maromo discussed his thoughts on Lynn missing weight. He said “I was astounded and had to take a little bit of his frustration out during that fight.”

MFC head Mark Pavelich was so upset over Lynn missing weight that he threatened to liquidate the lightweight division from the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Maromo explained  “I was surprised he would scrap the whole division, but he is a high strung guy…I was gonna put on one hell of a fight if this was the last lightweight fight in the MFC.”

He went on to say that the change to a non title fight caused him to lose a little steam because that is what he aimed for the whole time.

At this time Maromo says there is no announcement for an upcoming fight for the lightweight title, but it is believed to be at MFC 35. Maromo believes that Mark Pavelich will go outside of the division to find an opponent however.

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