Possible Replacement Fights For Aldo

With all the injury news we’ve had as of late is it any surprise that Jose Aldo is the next fighter to be forced to pull out of a scheduled bout. It seems like the UFC can’t catch any breaks and while the promotion was lucky enough to have Frankie Edgar step up to fight Aldo they weren’t lucky enough to get that fight.

UFC 153 is the next card to be hit with the injury bug so until we get some announcements from the UFC on who will fight Edgar let’s play fantasy matchmaker.

Frankie Edgar vs. Urijah Faber

After the announcement that Aldo was forced out of a fight with Edgar Urijah Faber tweeted he was bulking up at a photoshoot. While that tweet may have been in jest the fight does make a lot of sense. Faber has fought at the weight class before, was a former champion at that weight class and to step up for one fight at that weight would be huge.

Both he and Edgar have a solid ground game and their biggest advantage against opponents is speed. Faber may not be at the top of the featherweight division anymore, but for one fight this makes a lot of sense.

Frankie Edgar vs. Chad Mendes

Mendes was the last challenger for Aldo’s belt, but was finished in the first round. Since the loss to Aldo he ran through Cody McKenzie and showed why he is one of the best in the division. Another Alpha Male fighter, Mendes has outstanding wrestling and jiu-jitsu and would surely give Edgar some fits. Pending the legal charges Mendes has against him currently this fight could happen.

Frankie Edgar vs. Donald Cerrone

Yes, I understand Cowboy is a lightweight, but this is a man that truly enjoys fighting. He’s stated before that he would go down to featherweight to fight Cole Miller so who says he wouldn’t fight Edgar. Cerrone has said if the money is right he would do it and the UFC would be more than willing to give him a little pay raise to step in on short notice.

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