MMA Insight Radio Interview with MFC Welterweight Cody Krahn

 MMA Insight Radio hosts Nikolai Gionti and Ryan Justason were lucky enough to interview MFC Welterweight Cody “Genghis” Krahn ahead of his MFC 35 fight with Sabah Fadai.

Justason: Would you describe your fighting style as “kill or be killed”?

Krahn: Absolutely, I would rather lose fight of the night than win a boring fight via decision any time of the week. I know there are guys who like to fight for the judges and win on points but I’m either there to kill or get killed. I’m going in and I’m going out on my shield.

Justason: Is that how you received the Genghis nickname?

Krahn: To me, nicknames are given and you don’t choose your own nickname. The guy who got me into MMA, my coach Bill Macy, said you should go with “Genghis”. So I thought the same thing because I like to fight aggressively and always looking for blood. It was a good play on words and a fitting nickname.

Gionti: We know you like zombies and with that kill or be killed style, you are kind of like a zombie. Is there a theme there?

Krahn: I found out early on in sparring that I have a pretty good chin. I’ve always admired fighters like Melvin Manhoef, Wanderlei Silva and Dan Henderson. The guys who basically go out there to fight. So to me that was really inspiring for my style of fighting. Well, actually Marvel Comics did a series called Marvel Zombies, which is basically what would happen if all the superheroes of the world got turned into zombies. Growing up as a kid, I was really a big comic book fan and I love zombies so it seemed fitting to combine the two and put them on my body for the rest of my life.

Justason: During your fight against Ryan Chiappe, Michael “The Voice” Schiavello mentioned that if you won the fight, you would get a Zombie Spiderman on your forearm. After winning the fight, did you get the tattoo?

Krahn: I’ve been so busy training and I’ve been living the fighter lifestyle, so I don’t have a lot of money. If I get my knockout bonus this fight, then that will probably be the first thing I do. No wait, second thing I do right after eating a cheeseburger.

Justason: Your next opponent Sabah Fadai is actually moving up to welteweight from lightweight while you’re dropping down from middleweight to welterweight. Do you think size will be a factor in this fight?

Krahn: To me, that was one of the most surprising things. When Mark Pavelich approached me with this fight, he asked if I wanted to fight Sabah Fadai. I knew he was a lightweight so I kind of thought Mark may have texted the wrong person. He told me Sabah wanted to go up in weight and take this fight so to me it’s really surprising. No disrespect to the guy but he’s not really even a big 155er [sic]. He’s really not going to have to cut much to get to 170, but he’s going up against a guy that come fight night will be at least 190 pounds. I think the size and power is really going to be a factor in this fight.

Gionti: You are dropping down to 170 pounds. What has been the biggest difference in your camp?

Krahn: I’d say it was one of the tougher things to do. I understand what hard training is and I’ll put my time in at the gym, but when it comes down to it, I’m a fat kid at heart. I love eating pizza, I love eating my ice cream and I love junk food, but when you’ve got to get serious and make weight, you have to make those sacrifices. Learn how to make healthy food taste good.

Justason: As far as the drop concerns, do you have someone planning your meals?

Krahn: No, I have a strength and conditioning coach who’s worked with a lot of UFC guys as well as a lot of upper-end guys from around Edmonton. We talked about a lot of the things I could be eating. She knew how I am about snacking and things like that so we incorporated it in a way where I could still be happy with my diet while still eating the right amount of protein, carbs, etc so, it hasn’t been terrible for me.

Justason: In the past, you have had issues with other promotions by opponents having opponents drop out on 2 days notice. This is your third straight fight in the MFC (Maximum Fighting Championships) where opponents have not pulled out. Is MFC where it’s at in Canada?

Krahn: The thing with Maximum Fighting Championship is that you’re offered fights. You don’t get to tailor pick your opponents and Mark is a really good matchmaker. Regardless of my wins or losses, I’ve been offered really good matchups. The thing is that when you sign the MFC contract, you’re going in there to fight somebody tough. For me, I’m at the point where it’s got to be nothing but challenging fights. If I want to get challenged and fight guys from different regions then yeah, MFC is the way to go.

Gionti: You just got the MFC contract, how did you ultimately come in contact with Maximum Fighting Championships?

Krahn: It’s a pretty tight-nit community and everybody kind of knows each other. My manager called me one day saying I had been approached with a three-fight deal with MFC and if I would take it then I would have fights on TV. I was sold on it right there.

Justason: In the past you have said you wanted a title. Are you looking to make a statement Friday, October 26th?

Krahn: Oh, absolutely. I want to show that I’ve got some new and improved hands. My jiu-jitsu has gotten a lot better. I’ve got some good takedowns and I’ll be coming a lot faster and harder.

Justason: What is your prediction against Sabah Fadai this Friday, October 26th?

Krahn: I think it will go like all my other victories. It’s going to be a first round finish. If he tries to go to the ground with me, we will finish there but I’m more than happy to stand and bang with this guy.

Justason: Are there any sponsors, gyms or sparring partners you would like to thank?

Krahn: I’m going to give a shot-out to Bill Macy. He’s the guy who got me into MMA and we haven’t been training together in a while, but two weeks ago I asked if he would be in my corner. So we have been game planning and hitting pads. It’s really brought back a fire inside me that I had when I first started. I’d like to give a shout-out the Char Begion, who helps me with my diet because there is no way I’d be able to make 170 right now, Jaime Askley and the rest of my trainers at The Fire. Friends and family. Especially my Mom and Dad who have been my biggest supporters after I started MMA.

MFC 35: Explosive Encounter takes place Friday, Oct. 26th and will be televised on AXS TV.

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