Reaction To Seth Davis' Comments on UFC

Respected CBS Sports College Basketball Analyst took to Twitter Sunday to call the UFC “homoerotic.”

I’m not only attacking Davis because I don’t think he is the only person that feels this way (although this may be a fallacy of hasty generalization), but he is a public figure that came out and said this.

“Maybe I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout.”

This may be the most ignorant statement that I have seen. If you want to attack mixed martial arts, you may as well attack boxing also. In boxing a few jabs are thrown before the fighters clinch each other in the corner of the ring, if  MMA is “homoerotic,” boxing may as well be too. To claim that you are “also a dad” is just ignorance on his part to claim because he is a father the sport is offensive.. These fighters are world class athletes. They train three times a day, for hours on end, and treat this as a career much like other professional athletes do.

It’s time for MMA to get the respect that it deserves. Statements from respected individuals in other sports only hurt MMA, but also make journalists like Davis look ignorant and many would argue his statements were homophobic. That’s a problem with Davis as a man if he views the UFC as homoerotic and does not want his sons to watch the sport. Is he making an assumption that watching the UFC will make his sons gay?

He later deleted the tweets, but the damage has been done. Davis apologized for his tweets to Ariel Helwani Monday after Helwani called him out, but is he apologizing for making his thoughts public or because of how ridiculous he sounded?

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