Shayna Baszler celebrates her victory at Invicta FC 3. Photo Credit: Esther Lin-Invicta FC

Shayna Baszler still has a future in UFC

After last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter” I have to admit, I had mixed feelings.

On one hand, I should be happy because Julianna Pena was moving into the next round of the show, which filled me with some hometown pride because she fights out of Spokane where I had spent a good chunk of my youth.

On the other hand, I was bummed to see Shayna Baszler out of the competition. Like many WMMA fans, I was excited to hear that she was first pick of the amazing, the beautiful and incomparable Ronda Rousey. I will also admit – proudly I might add- that she was my pick to go to the finals and become the first female TUF winner. After the fight, fans flooded Baszler’s Twitter and Facebook with messages of support and comfort, saying that she will fight again.

I agree with them. Even if she didn’t win TUF, the “Queen of Spades” still has a chance to fight in the UFC.

With a fight resume as impressive as her’s, the Queen could have went on Twitter and Facebook to insult the fighters already on the UFC roster, insult Dana White and then wait for the call for the UFC brass. But she didn’t. She went to the tryouts in Las Vegas, fought her way into the house and became a part of Team Rousey. And she did not just go through the motions. She became invested in her team.

Fans were not the only ones who supported Baszler in her defeat. The Queen recently wrote a blog about being on TUF and what it was like being a member of Team Rousey and competing on the show.  I will not go into too much detail, but I will say that fans who read this will see sides of both the Queen of Spades and the “Rowdy” one that the cameras do not show. Team Rousey teammate Jessica Rakoczy recently praised Baszler and said how positive the Queen was after her loss.

As far as her future, I have always said that fighters will usually get a chance to fight on the finale, even if they did make it to the finals. Between now and then, Baszler may get the chance to compete on the finale. She could even face Pena in a rematch if the cards are dealt right.

Even if she does not get the call to participate on the TUF 18 finale, UFC officials have already seen what Baszler can do.  Even Rousey told her that they would face each other in the octagon someday. While this is the fighting business, I would say an endorsement from the champion is a big thing.


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    Loved seeing her arrogant ass get worked , waayyy to cocky. If you’re that talented just be humble and let your fighting speak for itself ( Cain Velasquez or kelvin Gastelum ) are prime examples from the top champion to someone just starting his career.

    • Quarter MOA


  • Quarter MOA

    Uneducated/New fans foolishly hate The Queen of Spades. Because, well, they watched one relatively even fight and think they know her career and skill set. They are short sighted and don’t understand what she can really do. Real fans and the pros have all been behind Shayna because they know her character and abilities. 9 out of 10 times she wins that fight and I bet (if she is honest) Juliana would agree.

    So to recap:
    Clowns/N00bs = take that you cocky b**ch, Venezuelan Vixen wears lipstick!!!!
    Real MMA/WMMA fans = Give me more Shayna, all day every day!

  • Dan Meyers

    “Pena doesn’t deserve to breath the same as air as me. She doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as me. She shouldn’t fight me – she should attend one of my fighting seminars. Here’s the queens of hearts card, get ready to lose.” These are all the words spoken by Shayna Baszler before her TUF fight. In 21 years of closely following the UFC, I’ve never seen a more pompous, haughty, disrespectful, arrogant, vain, conceited, self-important, condescending fighter than Baszler. Well, at least she can back up this bravado by winning, right? WRONG! She got destroyed in the ring by a far less experienced fighter in Pena. What a truly disgusting, unlikable person Baszler proved herself to be. A loudmouth, condescending fool with absolutely nothing to back it up. Is there a worse kind of athlete? She then has the audacity after the fight to question why she didn’t win because she was “three times the fighter Pena is.” Does this woman’s reality-disconnected mouth ever shut up? Hey Shayna, here’s some advice: 1) Go talk to true champions (not loudmouth losers like yourself) such as GSP or Junior Dos Santos. 2) Learn humility and respect for other fighters and the sport. 3) Take what little money you have left in your fight purse and get those revolting teeth fixed – yuck. Do these things because as of now, you are the complete package of has-been, deluded loser. Better yet, don’t do any of these things and just go back to teaching your “fighting seminars.” Because those that can fight, and those that can’t (like you) teach.

  • Wale

    “Jessica Rakoczy recently praised Baszler and said how positive the Queen was after her loss.”

    How was anything she did or said after this loss positive? Ha! Negative, excuse-filled, whiny BS. Plus, you’re right, author, she didn’t trash her former opponents or whine that she was too good for TUF on twitter, she waited until she was cast on the show and then botched about all that in her confessional!

    • Chrom1um

      I think Jessica Rakoczy (and literally every other cast member who has commented on it) were referring to how Baszler reacted in the many days following the lost in which they spent actual time with her, not the fucking 10 minutes you saw on television or the blog she wrote. Is that what you meant by “everything”?

  • Allison James

    She prides herself on fighting the top competition in WMMA. She fails to mention 8 times out of ten she loses.