ONE FC 12: Warrior Spirit Live Results

Cage Pages is reporting live for today’s ONE FC 12: Warrior Spirit.

The event will feature a bantamweight bout between Adriano Morases and Yusup Saaduleav. The card was originally going to feature a welterweight title match between Adam Kayoom and Nobutatsu Suzuki. Kayoom withdrew from the fight due to injury.

Kayoom was replaced by Vitor Pinto. Unfortunatley Pinto was pulled from the fight after failing medical exams.

Also on the card is the match between AJ Lias Mansor and Melvin Yeoh for Malaysian Featherweight Grand Prix Championship.

The action starts at 7 a.m. (EST). The preliminary card can be watched on Youtube or various MMA sites. To watch the main card, which costs $9.99, follow the link.

Preliminary Card (due to difficulties, Cage Pages could not live report the preliminary card):  

Flyweight bout: Casey Suire vs. Raymond Tan 

Winner: Suire def. Tan via submission via rear naked choke in round 1.


Welterweight bout: Zuli “The Shark” Silawanto  vs. Nik “The Bloodhound” Harris

Winner: Harris def.  Silawanto via TKO  in round 2


Featherweight bout: Steven Durr vs. Samir Mrabet 

Winner: Mirabet def. Durr by decision


Main Card

Flyweight bout: Tok Sophon vs. Saiful “The Vampire” Merican 

Round 1: Merican throws a good kick to start off. After a quick exchange, Merican tags Sophon with a left hook, followed by a kick, Sophon throws a kick, only to get clipped. Merica throws another strike before taking Sophon to the ground. Sophon gains top position and before he gets to his feet.

In the later part of the round, Merican escapes before Sophon has top position. Merican tries for an armbar from the bottom as Sophon throws a few strikes. Referee Yuji Shimada stands up the fighter. Sophon pushes Merican to the cage before taking him down. Sophon gains top position at the end of the round.

Round 2: After a brief scuffle on the ground, both fighters lock up on the feet. Merican pushes Sophon against the cage. Sophon gets the mount once more and delivers a few strikes. Merican tries for another armbar before he escapes. After Merican delivers a swinging left hand, Sophon pushes him toward the cage. Sophon gets Merican to the ground before he gets to his feet. Merican tries and pull guard.

After Sophon clinches, both fighters rise to the feet. The two stand back up with little engagement until the end of the round.

Round 3: Merican throws a left hand before he takes the fight to the ground. The Vampire has top position and throws some strikes while Sophon throws punches while on his back. Sophon has a left cut over the left eyelid as Merican tries to secure a choke.

Shimada stands up both fighters and calls a time out. The fight resumes and goes back to the ground. Sophon tries for an armbar before Merican rolls out of it. Both fighters get back to their feet. In the closing seconds of the fight, Merican throws a right hand. The fight will go to the judges’ scorecards.

Winner: Merican def. Sophon by decision.


Malaysian Featherweight Grand Prix Tournament Final: AJ “Pyro” Lias Mansor vs. Melvin “Overkill” Yeoh

Round 1: Mansor throws a side kick before moving forward. The fight remains standing for the early portion of the round with both fighters throws shots. Mansor misses with a spinning back fist. Both fighters exchange kicks. Although Pyro throws more strikes Yeoh moves foward with a kick before Mansor scores with a double-leg takedown. Yeoh delivers some elbows to the side while Mansor throws maintains top control.

Round 2: Mansor throws an overhand right. Yeoh throws a kick as Mansor takes him down. Overkill tries for a triangle choke before going into rubber guard. The referee stands up both fighters as Mansor and Yeoh exchanges strikes. Mansor tries for another takedown before Yeoh locks him into a guillotine choke. Mansor manages to keep his legs on the outside.

Both fighters deliver punches from the ground Mansor escapes back to his feet before diving in. Yeoh almost gets the triangle choke before pulling back. Both fighters get back to their feet. Mansor goes for another double-leg takedown but Yeoh manages to defend it and locks in a guillotine before the bell rings.

Round 3: After a brief striking exchange, Yeoh catches a kick as Mansor catches the leg and pushes him against the cage. After the break. Mansor manages to take Yeoh to the mat. Mansor continues to keep top control as he and Yeoh continue to throw punches. Yeoh tries to cage walk, but Mansor stays on top and delivers an elbow.

Mansor allows Yeoh to his feet and throws a punch. In the last 10 seconds Mansor takes the fight back down to the canvas while Yeoh tries to lock in a guillotine choke.

Winner: Mansor def. Yeoh by decision to become the ONE FC Malaysian National Featherweight Grand Prix champion.


Flyweight bout: Gianni Subba  vs. Chen Yun Ting

Round 1: Subba and Chen get into fast exchanges before breaking away. Subba forces Subba against the cage before taking him down with a double leg. Subba delivers some devastating elbows before the referee stops the fight.

Winner: Subba def. Chen via TKO in first round. 


Lightweight bout: Alaa “The Flash” Mazloum  vs. Peter Davis 

Round 1: A fast start by both fighters. Davis initiates a clinch before both guys swinging. Mazloum tags Davis before gaining top position. Davis throws punches from the bottom. The Flash throws a left before Davis regains wrist control and tries to go for the triangle. Davis tries to throw a double leg before Malzloum throws a knee. Just as Davis tries for a choke, Mazloum reverses and regains top control.

The referee forces a break. Just as the fighters get to their fee, Davis scores another takedown before going in the head-and-arm-choke. The Flash manages to hold on until the bell rings.

Round 2: Mazloum steps away from Davis’ takedown attempt and delivers a kick. Davis goes for another takedown, but The Flash manages to stuff it. Davis manages to get a rear naked choke from the back. Malzoum sinks to the canvas and taps.

Winner: Davis def. Mazloum by submission via rear naked choke in round 2.


Heavyweight bout: Chris “Igor” Lokteff  vs. Tony Johnson 

Round 1: Lokteff starts the fight by rocking Johnson with right. Johnson quickly recovers and almost takes Lokteff to the mat. Johnson gets top position, but Lokteff quickly gets to his feet. After a couple of exchanges, Lokteff tags Johnson with two more punches. Before Johnson gets to the mat, he goes for a takedown, which Lokteff defends. Johnson manages to push Lokteff up against the cage. The round ends with both fighters standing.

Round 2: The fight quickly goes to the ground with Johnson delivering shots to Lokteff’s side. Johnson manages to stay busy on top, delivering strikes. Johnson gets Lokteff’s back, attempting a choke as blood leaks from Lokteff’s face. Lokteff’ tries to throw a punch, but Johnson secures the choke. Johnson lets it go before Lokteff presses him against the cage. Lokteff throws some soccer kicks and punches. He finishes the round with a couple of punches.

Round 3: Johnson goes for a takedown, only for Lokteff to sprawl. Lokteff throws a soccer kick, but misses. Lokteff throws an uppercut, but Johnson tries for another takedown. He tries for a single leg, but Lokteff stuffs it. After a few seconds, the referee forces them to break.

Both men go to the ground as Lokfteff tries to go for Johnson’s back before letting him go. Lokteff throws a punch and a soccer kick. In the final 30 seconds, Lokteff presses Johnson against the cage tries to go for a takedown, but is stopped as the bell rings.

Winner: Lokfteff defeats Johnson by split-decision 


Middleweight bout: Brayan Rafiq  vs. Leandro Ataides 

Round 1: Ataides gets a takedown before gaining top position. After Ataides tries for side control, Rafiq gets to his feet. Both fighters throw a couple of trikes before Atadies gets Rafiq against the cage until the referee brings them to the middle of the cage. Rafiq throws a right hand.

Atadies sneaks in three quick right hands before he drops Rafiq to the canvas.

Winner: Atadies def. Rafiq by knockout in round 1. 


Catchweight bout: Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes  vs. Yusup “Maestro” Saadulaev

Round 1: Moraes tries to go for a takedown, but Saaduleav gains top position before getting to Moraes’ back. Moraes stands up, only to receive a knee to the body. Saaduleav gets another takedown and maintains top control until the referee stands them up. In the last minute of the round, the fighters go into a quick exchange before Moraes steps away.

Round 2: Both Moraes and Saaduleav throw some strikes before Moraes backs away. Saaduleav gets top control while Moraes rolls around before getting to his feet. After the fight goes back to the ground, Moraes gains control. In the closing seconds of the round, Moraes lands several blows.

Round 3: Moraes goes for a body lock before getting Saaduleav to the ground. Maestro rolls over, but Moraes gets top position and continues to work from the bottom, trying to get past Saaduleav’s guard. Saaduleav traps the leg before Moraes gets free, but Saaduleav has a hold of Moraes’ arm. Saaduleav reverses the position in the final minute of the fight.

Winner: Saaduleav def. Moraes by split-decision. 


 Cage Page ONE FC: Warrior Spirit Fight Awards: 

Fight of the Night: Tok Sophon vs. Saiful “The Vampire” Merican 

Submission of the Night: Peter Davis

Knockout of the Night: Leandro Ataides 


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