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UFC 167 Headliner not the best fight on the card

As the most anticipated card since, well, UFC 166 approaches, UFC 167 promises to deliver a night packed with action. Even though the stacked line-up will be headlined by welterweight champion Georges St Pierre defending his title against number one contender Johnny Hendricks, the bout will not be the best fight on the card.
The night will begin with prelims that feature the highly anticipated UFC debut of Sergio Pettis, the younger brother of the UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, as he is set to take on the scrappy Will Campuzano, who is coming off a 5 fight winning streak following his first stint in the UFC. The bout is sure to set the pace for the rest of the night.

The FX prelims are also stacked as Donald Cerrone will headline that set of fights when he squares off with Evan Dunham. Both fighters have lost 2 of their last 3 bouts so they will, essentially, be fighting for their job on Saturday night.

The main card is also full with intriguing match-ups, the one that sticks out the most to me is Rory Macdonald vs Robbie Lawler. Rory is coming off a lack luster win against Jake Ellenberger where he was seemingly content with not being aggressive and counter punching, the problem was that Ellenberger was using the same strategy. On Saturday night, Macdonald will step into the cage against a consistently aggressive Lawler. Dana White said it best, in an interview with Ariel Helwani on Wednesday, when he stated, “Robbie is going to come out and try to knock your head off, or he will get knocked out trying.”

But the most over-hyped fight of the night will be the main event of the evening, the welterweight kingpin, Georges St Pierre vs Johnny Hendricks, thanks to UFC Primetime. It seems like every pay-per-view main event that is featured on the show gives people hope that the challenger has a chance. Of course that is the sole purpose of the show, but I will not be falling for it again!

If you really analyze the content of the show, you will see right through the propaganda. GSP has a much more sophisticated training camp, has better quality training partners, and trains on all aspects of the game. Hendricks, on the other hand, spends his time at wrestling practice at Oklahoma St University and driving his big truck. He does have a devastating left hand, that fact cannot be argued with, but what else?

GSP has the reach advantage over Hendricks and a much more versatile stand up game. While Hendricks does have more finishes as of late, GSP has almost more finishes in his career than Johnny has wins, 13-15 respectively. And if we have not learned anything from what Joe Rogan says we could at least remember this: College wrestling is not the same as MMA wrestling. Johnny Hendricks may be a better freestyle wrestler but until someone shows us a flaw in GSP’s wrestling then I can’t go against him. My prediction, a unanimous decision win for the long time champion. I am more excited to hear about his “big announcement” after the fight

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  • Eric Gonzalez

    Not an avid ufc fan but I’ve seen GSP dominate his opponents. Great article for me to read as a casual UFC fan. Thanks!

  • Nate Pena

    Nice write up! I gotta say, I’m pretty stoked about tomorrow’s entire line up as well. Although, I do disagree with your main event prediction. I think GSP has been focusing on his stand up so much that the fight will be there just long enough for Hendricks to connect with one of those heavy hands ending it with a KO

  • Rolando Lorenty Jr

    Thanks for the comments fellas. Nate, GSP isn’t dumb enough to stand with him. He’ll use his reach to set up the takedown.

  • Esteban Flores

    Good article! Gets me pumped and ready to see the fights. I agree with you on this one on who will take the W home.

    Keep up good work bro!

  • Bluesdealer

    Good article. Having just watched the fight…Looks like GSP just won the lottery. He probably won the striking stats sheet, but Hendricks won that fight.

    Not as bad as Gus vs. Jones, but that was a robbery.

    • Rolando Lorenty Jr

      I thought it was worst than Gus vs Jones. I only gave GSP the 3rd round. I actually agreed with the Jones decision