Mar 16, 2013; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Georges St.Pierre gives an interview to Joe Rogan after defeating Nick Diaz (not pictured) in their Welterweight title bout at UFC 158 at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Three Big Questions Surrounding UFC 167

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The 3 Questions Surrounding UFC 167


The UFC puts on quality events every month. Whether it is their free televised events or their monthly pay per views, there is always something to watch and keep the mixed martial arts fan appetite satisfied.

There are events- and then there are events headlined by Georges St. Pierre.

Not only is Georges St. Pierre, the company’s number one star and pay per view draw; he is now one of the last of the “unbeatables” – along with Jose Aldo. An Anderson Silva loss and Jon Jones almost loss has wiped out the aura that surrounded these great fighters. Meanwhile, St. Pierre continues to not only be the face of the company, but is the champion that no one can beat.


Heading into tonight’s card, here are the 3 big questions surrounding tonight’s card:


Is Johny Hendricks the man to take down the Welterweight King?

It seems as though every Georges St. Pierre opponent is his toughest; the man to take down the unbeatable GSP. Experts feel the same about Hendricks. Due to his immense punching power, he will be the man to finally end the reign of the current longest reigning champion in the UFC. There’s no doubt his power is incredible, he is truly a fighter who has one punch power. UFC legend and early GSP opponent, Matt Hughes made the simple prediction that if it ends in the first two rounds, Hendricks walks away champ, otherwise it’s a GSP decision victory. I disagree . . .


Prediction: GSP has something to prove in this fight and wins via submission or TKO.


Does a Rory McDonald win lead to a title fight?

There’s no doubt that a win by McDonald and a win by Hendricks will lead to their inevitable clash. But what happens if GSP wins? The two training partners and friends have repeatedly said they will not fight each other. St. Pierre even said there’s a plan in place to avoid this. I’m not sure if his plan includes a Robbie Lawler victory, but that is one giant hurdle in the way. The popular pick in the main event is that Hendricks will defeat GSP because of his knockout power, yet Lawler will lose to the all-around fighter McDonald because all he has is his punching power. Sometimes MMA logic is hard to understand.


Prediction: McDonald via TKO – which leads to an eventual fight against GSP (money talks)


What happens to the winner/loser of Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen?

For such a big fight, the hype behind Evans and Sonnen is underwhelming. The reason behind this is that the fight, while marquee in name and potential, truly leads to nothing. No one is clammering for a Rashad Evans/Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones rematch, and the middleweight division is on the verge of the biggest rematch in the history of the sport. Sonnen win or lose seems destined for a fight with Wanderlei Silva, not to mention a coaching spot against his online rival on the next Ultimate Fighter Brazil. For Evans, his journey is one that is cloudier. Does a win lead to a potential title fight against the winner of Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman or does he continue to become a Light-Heavyweight bench mark or stepping stone?



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