April 13, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Cat Zingano speaks to media following her victory at the TUF 17 Finale at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

What if Cat Zingano coached “The Ultimate Fighter"?

Failed weight cuts, birthday strippers and “Damn you Plato!”

With the last episode of this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” tonight and the finale taking place this Saturday, wehave been treated to an interesting season that featured women fighters competing side-by-side with the men for the first time.

Throughout the season, we have seen the “true side” of UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, according to Miesha Tate. We have seen up-and-coming fighters defeat veterans. We have perhaps one of the best bouts in the show’s history as Jessamyn Duke and Raquel Pennington fought for 15 grueling minutes.

We have seen Team Tate come out on top numerous times, but we all need to remember that it was not originally Team Tate in the first place. It was supposed to be Team Zingano.

ESPN’s Josh Gross once tweeted something along the lines of, “I know that Miesha is a coach, We are pretending that Miesha deserved it. Remember Cat Zingano?”

Zingano had defeated Tate, via TKO in the third round, to earn a coaching spot on “TUF” back in April and a chance to fight Rousey for the title. Unfortunately her aspirations of coaching would be dashed as she suffered a knee injury that required surgery, resulting in Tate being given Zingano’s spot on the show.

But what if Zingano had not been hurt? What if she continued on to coach against Rousey? What would have the show been like then?

First off, I will say that the fight results may not have changed, with the exception of . I also think the Duke vs. Pennington bout would have been just as good.

With Zingano coaching on the show, there could be arguments that the show would have been “less entertaining.” If the criteria for entertainment mostly relies on drama, then there are several fans that would have been glad that the show was “less entertaining.”

Another thing that would have changed would have been less drama, specifically between the coaches. Fans have raised their pitchforks and torches at the UFC champion’s show of disrespect toward Tate throughout the season. We would have not seen that if Zingano and Rousey would have been rivals. While there is a competitive streak between them, Rousey and Zingano have respect for each other.

Rousey does not respect Tate, she hates her and when you hate someone, it makes you a different person when you have to interact around them. Think back to being in high school and you like a boy/girl and they end up dating your friend and all of a sudden that person you have been friends with for years, is now your worst enemy.

We would have certainly seen a new kind of coaching staff oppose Team Rousey. Someone once said that Zingano does not have a strong coaching staff, despite that her husband Mauricio Zingano operates Team Zingano, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA gym in Colorado. Zingano’s coaching staff was have not been well-known to the casual MMA fan, but she has pick of a plethora of coaches and instructors from her husband’s gym to put on her own coaching staff.

Team Zingano is also affiliated with Team Black House in Brazil, which has helped several former UFC champions including Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – a two-time “TUF” coach – and Junior dos Santos. Zingano could have had one or more Black House members on her coaching staff or at least make a guest appearance on the show. Imagine you are trying out for the UFC and you get to roll with Nogueira or hit the pads with dos Santos.

Zingano is also a mother and as a coach you have that role as a parent and a mentor. Part of coaching is making sure your charges are ready and healthy physically, but another part of it is making sure they are ready and healthy physically. If you have a chance, follow her on Twitter and see all of the amazing things her son is doing. While he is doing these great things, she is not doubt showering him with encouragement.

After she bloodied and beaten Tate back in April, I said Zingano would have made a great coach after all of these months, I stand by that statement. I hope that someday she does get a chance to coach a future season of “TUF.”
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  • CherryWine

    I think its about you and everyone else get over Cat losing her chance to coach because of an accidental injury she caused during training. Theres no doubt she earned the right to coach, however; consequently its went to Miesha and it is truly Miesha’s time to shine. People talk shit about Miesha as if Miesha stole it from her and thats not the case. Even Ronda said she preferred coaching opposite Miesha and not Cat. And as for ESPN’s John Gross’s comment about pretending that Miesha deserves the chance to coach, as far as I’m concerned she has every right because Dana offered it to her when no other suitable female fighters was available. She had right to accept that offer. Who the hell in their right mind would turn it down. Remember this is the first time women have coached and competed on the UFC show, so more than likely its a once and a life time opportunity. Additionally, the rivalry played a huge role in the viewers interest in the show and the ratings as well. As much as I cant stand Ronda because she is spoiled, pompous, entitled, and pretentious her role on the show may not have improved her image but the drama she helped to create did wonders for ratings. Miesha is a true champ with heart, spirit, sportsmanship, and perfessionalism. I really look forward to watching her become the rightful UFC Womens Bantamweight Champ.

    • walterbrob

      The operative word you penned was “ratings.” It is all about the drama and ratings. The statement made by the commentator during the show of “the two best female MMA fighters in the world being coaches” was just wrong. Tate has been been beaten badly by Zingano and Sara Kaufman. She beat Julie Kedzie on a desperation arm bar after getting kicked around in that fight. Rousey? Yes at this point she is the best until that guy Cyborg gets to fight her..

      • CherryWine

        No come on Walterbrob you know Cyborg isn’t a man. The only reason why Miesha didn’t do as well in the fight was because she wasn’t fully prepare emotionally to take on another fighter after losing her belt. Even she admits that the loss was a lot tougher than she let on. She took time away to relight the fire in her as a fighter.