Invicta FC 7: Honchak vs. Smith Live Results beginning at 8 p.m. EST

Editor’s Note: Invicta FC announced that Claudia Gadelha fell ill and has pulled out of the strawweight title match against Carla Esparza. We at Cage Pages with Gadelha a speedy recovery. 

Cage Pages is reporting live for Invicta FC 7.

Tonight’s event will feature three championship matches. Flyweight champion Barb Honchak will defend the title against Leslie Smith in the main event, and in the co-main event, Miriam Nakamoto and Lauren Murphy will square off to determine Invicta’s first bantamweight champion.

In addition to the title matches, the event will feature the Invicta FC debut of Felice Herrig as she takes on prospect Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres. Other fighters who will make their Invicta debut include Tonya Evinger, Munah Holland and Nina Ansaroff.

The action begins at 8 p.m. EST with the preliminary card featuring Sarah D’ Alelio vs. Evinger and Munah Holland vs. Nina Arsanoff, Fans can go to and Invicta Fighting Championship’s Facebook to watch these fights.

The main card is being distributed in North America by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 9 p.m. ET on both cable and satellite pay-per-view via IN Demand, DISH, Avail-TVN in the United States, as well as Bell TV, Shaw PPV, SaskTel, TELUS, and MTS in Canada, for a suggested retail price of only $14.95. These outlets will also carry the preliminary card for free.

In addition, viewers worldwide may purchase the show at Invicta FC’s website.


Munah Holland vs. Nina Ansaroff

Round 1: Holland and Ansaroff circle each other with The Perfect Storm throwing a couple of jabs. Holland manages to keep it close. Ansaroff throws a couple of kicks. Ansaroff tries to control the clinch as Holland throws a couple of hammer fists. Both fighters manage to stay busy during the clinch before they break and move to the center of the cage.

Holland and Ansaroff have a quick exchange before Ansaroff gets the sweeps and rolls over to get side control and pulls Holland away from the cage. Ansaroff gets in some ground and pound before the end of the round.

Round 2: Ansaroff begins the round with a jab. Holland misses with a spinning back first. Ansaroff goes for a single leg, but Holland avoids it before swinging. Ansaroff scores a takedown and gets top position. Ansaroff throws a couple of shots, but Holland continues to work from the bottom as she gets in some shots of her own.

The fight goes back to the feet as both fighters exchange quick, aggressive blows. Ansaroff shoots for a double-leg takedown, only to get it stuffed.

Ansaroff and Holland get another quick exchange before “The Strina” tags her. As Holland lands, Ansaroff follows through with some more strikes on the ground before referee John McCarthy stops the fight.

Winner: Ansaroff defeats Holland by TKO in the second round.


Sarah D’Alelio vs. Tonya Evinger

Round 1: D’Alelio throws a quick jab before Evinger moves in for a quick exchange. Both fighters get in some shots. Evinger throws nice kick before “The Monster” takes her to the canvas. D’Alelio gets side control while fighting for control of the wrists before she slides and goes for a kimura.

D’Alelio gets to her feet, but Evinger tries to pull guard. The Monster throws a couple of kicks before Evinger sneaks in and get the leg. D’Alelio throws a couple of shots to Evinger’s head before they return to the feet. In the final 20 seconds, D’Alelio goes for a takedown, but misses.

Round 2: D’Alelio throws a lead kick. After a quick exchange D’Alelio throws a good punch before Evinger throws her in a hip toss to the canvas. Evinger stays on top and throws an elbow to the body. Evinger pushes D’Alelio against the cage as Evinger fights for wrist control. She posts back before D’Alelio gets to her feet, but not without landing a knee.

Evinger lands a kick that wobbles D’Alelio before scoring another takedown. D’Alelio gets back to her feet. Both fighters throw some shots. D’Alelio, who seems tired, shoots for a single-leg before the bell rings.

Round 3: D’Alelio throws a right and goes for a takedown before it gets stuffed. She gets an uppercut before backing up. Evinger scores another takedown and presses D’Alelio against the cage as the Monster tries to secure a guillotine choke. Evinger tries to get her head out of the hold while delivering some elbows. Evinger pops her head out as D’Alelio tries to lock a triangle choke.

D’Alelio attempts to lock in an armbar before going for another triangle while Evinger continues to keep the pressure on top. The Triple Threat throws some elbows and punches. Evinger goes for the back before going for the rear naked choke. D’Alelio survives the choke as the bell rings.

Winner: Evinger defeats D’Alelio by decision


Vanessa Porto vs. Zoila Frausto Gurgel

Due to issues with the stream, we missed most of this fight

Winner: Porto defeats Gurgel by decision


Julia Budd vs. Charmaine Tweet

Round 1: Both fighters quickly go into the clinch before Budd gets a takedown and gets into side control. “The Jewel” continues to keep side control for most of the round before Tweet puts her inside of her guard. Budd gets back up before going down and throwing a couple of shots.

Budd continues to maintain side control as Tweet tries to sprawl out. In the closing seconds, Tweet throws a couple of shots before the end of the round.

Round 2: Budd goes for a takedown and once again keeps Tweet on the ground. The Jewel gets back to her feet as Tweet throws an up-kick. Budd once again goes into Tweet’s guard before Tweet reverses and gains top position for a moment.

Tweet throws some punches before before Budd gets side control. The Jewel gets back to her feet as Tweet throws another kick. Budd manages to get in Tweet’s guard once more before the bell.

Round 3: Budd gets inside Tweet’s guard once more. The Jewel gets to her feet before falling into Tweet’s guard as “No So Sweet” throws in some strikes from the bottom. Budd manages to throw in some strikes of her own before the bell rings.

Winner: Budd defeats Tweet decision


Joanne Calderwood vs. Katja Kankaanpaa

Round 1: Calderwood cutting off the cage as both fighters circle each other and throw strikes. Kankaanpaa comes forward with some quick punches before taking a few shots. “The Killer Bunny” goes for a takedown, but Calderwood manages to keep her balance and throws some strikes in the process. Kankannpaa tries for a throw, but Calderwood pulls a hip switch and tries to go for side control.

Calderwood continues to maintain top position before getting free and delivering some shots. The Killer Bunny tries for a submission only for Calderwood to nail some punches before the round.

Round 2: Both fighters begin the rounds with some throws. Kankaanpaa goes for another takedown, but Calderwood counters before getting to her feet. Calderwood lands an uppercut before they break up the clinch.

Kankaanpaa gets Calderwood to the canvas before getting to her back. The Killer Bunny tries for a head-and-arm choke, but Calderwood is in the halfguard. She ends the round with some strikes inside of Calderwood’s guard.

Round 3: Calderwood goes down into Kankaanpaa’s inside guard before standing back up. The Killer Bunny comes forward with some aggressive striking as Calderwood throws her own counter punches and kicks. Kankaanpaa initiates the clinch, but Calderwood fights for control.

Both fighters continue to throw strikes before The Killer Bunny goes for a takedown. Calderwood defends it, but Kankaanpaa presses her up against the cage. Kankaanpaa continues to go for the takedown, but Calderwood reverses and gets her up against the cage. The Killer Bunny lands a couple of shots before Calderwood goes for a takedown but manages to press her against the cage.

In the last 20 seconds, The Killer Bunny lands a couple of knees as Calderwood gets a takedown in the last second.

Winner: Calderwood defeats Kankaanpaa by decision


Felice Herrig vs. Tecia Torres

Round 1: Herrig goes for a takedown but Torres stands up. Both fighters engage in a clinch with The Tiny Tornado pushes Herrig up against the cage. Both fighters throw some strikes. Herrig goes for another takedown, but Torres defends it before going for her own takedown. Torres breaks the clinch before throwing several shots. The two engage in another clinch before Torres lands more strikes.

Herrig lands a right hand. As Herrig moves forward, Torres connects with more strikes. The Lil’ Bulldog moves forward with Torres getting another quick exchange. Herrig gets Torres to the mat, but The Tiny Tornado lands a few more punches before the end of the round.

Round 2: Herrig lands a couple of kicks while Torres scores a few punches. As Torres switches stances, as both fighters continues to trade leather. Torres misses a spinning kick, but lands a few more punches. Herrig continues to come forward with a few strikes as Torres continues to land punches and side kicks.

In the closing seconds, Torres throws four to six punches to every one of Herrig’s one to two punches.

Round 3: Herrig comes forward as Torres lands some strikes. The Lil’ Bulldog tries for a takedown but Torres moves away. Herrig gets Torres up against the cage for a moment. Torres lands another axe kick as Herrig tries to move forward. Herrig shoots for a takedown, but Torres once again defends it before reversing positions and putting Herrig up against the cage.

Herrig once again has Torres up against the cage. With 47 seconds left, Torres gets Herrig on the mat before raining down strikes. Herrig sweeps and reverses position and gets top position. In the last seconds of the round, Torres manages to get in some last shots.

Winner: Torres defeated Herrig by decision


Invicta FC Bantamweight championship match
Lauren Murphy vs. Miriam Nakamoto

Round 1: Both fighters go through the feeling out process in the first round before going into the clinch. Nakamoto breaks it up before they stand back in the cage as Murphy tries to land on the inside.

Near the end of the round, both fighters get into the clinch as before Nakamoto throws her to the canvas. As they get back up, Nakamoto lands a knee. Murphy ends the round by landing a right hand.

Round 2: Nakamoto and Murphy continues to keep the fight standing with both fighters landing some shots. Murphy catches a leg before she and Nakamoto fall to the mat. Nakamoto continues to deliver more legs kicks before grabbing Murphy and putting her into a clinch. Murphy presses Nakamoto against the cage.

After a quick break due to an accidental groin shot, both fighters return to the center of the cage. Nakamoto lands a good right cross before Murphy shoots for a takedown. The Queen of Mean dodges Murphy’s shot and pushes her away. Murphy ends the round by causing some blood on Nakamoto’s nose.

Round 3: Nakamoto lands some leg kicks before Murphy lands her own shots. Murphy gets Nakamoto into the clinch, trying to get Nakamoto to the ground. Nakamoto continues to show good takedown defense while exchanging shots with Murphy, who manages to get Nakamoto to the ground and gains top position.

Murphy throws a couple of shots as Nakamoto rolls back. Murphy gets top position as Nakamoto gets to her feet, only for Murphy to take her back to the mat and lands a couple of shots to the jaw.

Round 4: The two stand for a moment until Nakamoto falls to the canvas. Nakamoto had sustained some damage to her knee during the third round. The fans clap as Nakamoto rises to her feet.

Winner: Murphy defeats Nakamoto by TKO (injury) in round four to become the Invicta FC Bantamweight champion


Invicta FC Flyweight championship match
Barb Honchak (champion) vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1: Honchak and Smith exchange punches before they get into a clinch they break. Both fighters continue to exchange quick punches. Smith defends one of Honchak’s takedowns. Honchak gets Smith to the canvas and manages to get back control. She goes for a body triangle but Smith survives the round.

Round 2: Honchak lands a couple of jabs followed by a jab by Smith. Both fighters get in a quick exchange. Smith gets a combination before Honchak lands a kick that sends Smith to the canvas for a second. After a few seconds of stand up, Honchak scores another takedown before getting side control.

Halfway through the round, both fighters get to their feet as Honchack pushes Smith against the cage. Smith reverses before they go back to the center of the cage. Both fighters give nice shots with Honchak going to the outside before coming forward with another powerful combination. Both fighters connect with shots before the end of the round.

Round 3: Both fighters make quick combinations before Honchak pushes her against the cage. Smith and Honchak continue to throw strikes before Honchak catches Smith’s leg. The two lock up in a clinch.

Both fighters keep the fight standing while exchanging strikes. Smith begins to gain some momentum near the end of the round. Smith ends the round on top position with Hontrak trying to get the guillotine.

Round 4: Honchak lands an inside leg kick, followed by another. “The Little Warrior” throws some more strikes as Smith lands her own blows. Honchak shoots and gets another takedown and gets to Smith’s back. Honchak attempts to get into Smith’s guard. Smith works to get to her feet as Honchak puts her up against the cage.

Both fighters break and head to the center of the cage. They continue to exchange strikes with Smith building some mometum as Honchak catches her in a quick clinch.

Round 5: Smith and Honchak engage combinations on the feet Honchak gets Smith up against the cage. Honchak continues to be busy before getting Smith to the mat. She goes for a butterfly sweep before Smith gets to her feet and lands a couple of shots.

Smith manages to land an uppercut on Honchak as the two continue the exchange. With less than a minute left, Honchak scores another takedown. Honchak tries to push Smith up against the cage. Smith tries to get to her feet as the fight ends.

Winner: Honchak defeated Smith by decision to retain the Invicta FC Flyweight championship


Invicta FC 7 Fight Night Awards

Fight of the Night
Barb Honchak vs. Leslie Slith

Knockout of the Night
Nina Ansaroff

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