UFC Fight Night 33: Not Just Another Event

UFC Fight Night 33: Not Just another Event

 UFC Fight Nights can often get lost in the waves of MMA events in a month. The cards are usually filled with up and coming fighters, some notable veterans and a main event that provides some intrigue. The cards often lack the sizzle and hype of key pay per view events.

UFC Fight Night 33 proved to be more, much more.

The main event, 5 round heavyweight draw between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva proved to be what some call, the greatest fight in the history of the UFC’s heavyweight division. For long time MMA fans, it was sure to bring back memories of the classic battle between Don Frye and Yoshihrio Takayama, and their epic slugfest from Pride. Usually, when it comes to Hunt and Silva, the mantra is “don’t blink” due to their renowned punching power. For Friday’s battle it was more of a case of “don’t leave” as the two fighters put on a standing showcase – on how to punch, and more importantly, the significance of being able to take one as well.

Neither Hunt nor Silva, would ever be anyone’s first choice for the front cover of a magazine, but both proved that when it comes to the fight game there are few who match their level of intensity and conditioning in the heavyweight division. What makes their fight that much more legendary was the fact that these guys are absolute monsters. We’re not talking about two guys who just have heavy hands; a punch from one of these men instantly end fights and send normal men to the hospital.The rematch is inevitable – and moves from intrigue to a legitimate pay per view draw.



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