Jan 25, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Josh Thomson (blue gloves) reacts after losing to Benson Henderson (red gloves) during UFC on FOX 10 at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Thomson: "This might be it man"

Suffering a broken hand in the 1st round of the main event fight of UFC on FOX against Benson Henderson—and adding insult to injury—a close split decision loss, Josh Thomson post-fight had thoughts about hanging up the gloves and calling it a career.

Breaking his right hand in the 1st round, Josh Thomson went on to fight the next four against the former UFC Lightweight champion before falling short on the judges scorecard (47-48, 46-49, 48-47). “First round I came back and I was like ‘Hey I think it’s broken’ and Bob (Cook) told me suck it up and get out there.” Thomson said. Later describing in more detail, Thomson added, “I had no idea until I got back after the first round to my corner. Just adjusting my gloves and I noticed that my thumb is bending all the way back to my wrist. And I was like ‘aw crap’, I was like ‘what is that’. And then I looked at it and pushed it back a little bit and even the commission guy kind of looked away like ‘Ew that’s gross’.”

“I guess fighters are like hockey players man, we don’t carried off the ground cause we have cramps. We’re just going to keep fighting, that’s what we’re up here to do, that’s what we get paid to do.” Thomson replied when asked about how he kept fighting after knowing his hand was broken.

Thomson, started off the post-fight press conference taking the loss rather well.

“My opinion doesn’t matter, as you can tell.” Thomson said. “I lost, that’s the opinion of it. The only people in the ring that it really matters were the three people around the cage, and they decided that it didn’t matter. So, that’s it.”

But as time went on, and the questions kept coming, the more he opened up about his thoughts and possible future plans.

Coming into this fight, Josh Thomson was the 4th ranked Lightweight on the UFC Rankings, and according to UFC president Dana White, he would have been given the next Lightweight title shot at Champion Anthony Pettis with a victory over Henderson.

“It was more irritating more than anything just to know the things that you need to do, you can’t do out there. You train this hard for this long, such a long camp and I see my title shot just f—-ing disappearing. Without getting emotional right now it’s really irritating me.”

When asked if it would be difficult to get back into the gym after all this, Thomson replied with simply, “This might be it man.”

This may not come as a huge shock to some, leading up to this fight, Josh Thomson had made it well known that he had ‘quite possibly his worst’ fight camp. Those feelings were further reiterated when asked, Thomson stated that he had his mind already made up, win or lose.

“Yeah, yeah I had this all in my head.” Thomson said “A 15-16 week camp will do that to you. I’m no spring chicken, you start thinking about it, 2 padded practices a day for 6 days a week, 16 weeks, that’s a NFL season. I get hit more than guys in the NFL and they get paid way more. I just love this sport man, I don’t want to stop, but I still want to be around it. But everybody needs to know their time has come, maybe it’s not mine right now. But I also don’t want to be that person that fights into the dusk and ends up not knowing when it’s time to quit.”

Going as far as to say he may have turned down the title shot had he won the fight, “There’s a possibility because what’s the point of winning the title and then knowing that you’re probably won’t be fighting much longer. I don’t want to do it to the UFC either.”

“I was ranked #1, #2 in the world in 2013-2014, I feel like I’m still possibly in the top 5 right now. I have no regrets in my career, this has been great, this whole ride has been great. I’ve been all around the world, fought in all the biggest organizations in the world. I have no regrets, this is awesome.”

Thomson is no stranger to losing close decisions—having lost the trilogy Strikeforce lightweight title fight against Gilbert Melendez by split decision back in 2012, but his feelings about that loss were more content than the decision in tonight’s bout, saying “The Gilbert fight, that to me was a close fight, but I can see how it went either way. This fight, I felt like I won, I won with one hand, I beat the former UFC champion—the guy that was here for two years—and I beat him with one hand. That I can’t stomach, and it pisses me off.”

The 27-fight veteran concluded by discussing his future plans, saying “Honestly, I’d love to work for FOX. I’d love to do some commentating. I’d love to be part of this, no matter how I get to be part of it, something to do with the sport itself.” Thomson said.

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