Nov 16, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Georges St-Pierre (red gloves) fights against Johny Hendricks (blue gloves) in their welterweight championship bout during UFC 167 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Will Fans Pass on the UFC Fight Pass?

With a few days left on the UFC Fight Pass free trial not much has been added since it first started. When first announced it was labeled by Lorenzo Fertitta as the Netflix for fight fans, but since I started my subscription I have yet to find myself up at two in the morning, binge watching fights, and half way through a family size bag of Cheetos. So for me at least it’s going to be a hard decision on whether or not I’m going to keep it. I consider myself a huge fight fan but so far I’ve used it once to watch the Saffiedine fight and then again to watch a few prelims that I could have easily gone the rest of my life without watching (that can’t be said for the last two seasons of Dexter that I watched in record time).

The Fight Pass is still in the early stages so I understand the lack of original content and limited availability of fights, but the problem with that is those are the main points they used when promoting the service. I think it’s a great idea but it was rolled out too early and doesn’t offer enough to make people stick around after the trial. It already cost the UFC fan about 700 dollars a year if they were to purchase every pay per view event which many do, so another 100 on top of that, you’re looking at a very expensive hobby. People can only go back and watch limited fights from the golden days of the UFC for so long before they start wanting more new content. Now it’s not all bad, it does offer 10 exclusive events and airs the new season of The Ultimate Fighter with Sonnen and Silva as coaches but the downside to that are the start times and lack of notable talent on said cards.

Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC’s chief content officer said that Fight Pass is geared at all MMA fans. To the casual fan that doesn’t know any of the fighters on a card at 7 a.m., they’re better off watching a Bellator rerun of guys they don’t know at 7 p.m. If having a subscription gave you a discount on pay per views or if it streamed all the Fight Nights for people that don’t have a cable or satellite subscription then dishing out ten dollars a month seems like it would be worth it. At a time where it seems like so many use only the internet as a means to watch their favorite shows you have to offer a lot more then what the UFC is at this point. The WWE also started a streaming service but that also gives you access to all the PPV events. How the WWE can afford to do that is beyond me but that’s exactly what is going to grab up all the subscribers that are deciding which service to go with. So after the Manuwa and Gustafsson fight I’m going to have to do some soul searching to see if I want to give it a little more time to come through on what it promised or save my money, revisit that bag of Cheetos and start a six hour marathon of Vampire Diaries.

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