Dec 28, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Travis Browne reacts his UFC heavyweight bout against Josh Barnett at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Browne: "My goal is to leave a legacy in this sport"

The #3 ranked UFC Heavyweight, Travis “Hapa” Browne was one of two guests—along side UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold—holding the UFC 170, UFC Fight Club Q&A on Friday in Las Vegas. Browne was asked an abundance of questions by the fans, to which he showed maturity and wisdom in answering.

Browne went into detail on how he’s evolved mentally in his maturity and in his focus when it comes to the fight game—in just 5 years in the sport.

“Two years ago, you’ll notice every fight until Chad Griggs, you would see me pacing in the cage looking pissed off. Like ‘I’m gonna —- you up. This is going down, we’re gonna fight, me and you’. Like I was trying to convince him that. And I would have to get mad at him to fight him,” Browne explained. “Now, the way I look at it, is it’s a competition. I’m being competitive, this is a sport. Just like when I used to play in basketball, I didn’t have to play mad, to play basketball. When somebody would do something and piss me off, it would up my level even that much more.”

“So during the fight, in Chad Griggs, in the back of the locker room this is where Greg Jackson has earned his money and his respect.” Browne went on to explain how coach Jackson would help him get relaxed by shadow boxing and making him laugh and giggle. “I fought with my own personality, I didn’t try to be somebody else to fight. And that made me more aggressive. That made me even more dangerous because now I can think and act, and respond. Not just going out there and just trying to hurt somebody.”

When asked how he dealt with the distractions in his life, Travis pointed to just one source for motivation, his children.

“I have a motivation in my life. Everybody knows it’s my kids, no secret. So with that in mind, if something distracts me from it, if something pisses me off, makes me angry, all that is, is a little extra motivation for the time being. So like when you’re saying something happens in life, you get a little distracted, a little whatever—but if you keep in mind your ultimate goal, ultimate motivation, and what you’re trying to accomplish. And let these little side things fuel you, instead of distract you. There’s nothing that you can’t do.”, Browne said.

“Hapa” is coming off 3 straight knockout victories—over Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett, and will be facing Fabricio Werdum at UFC on FOX 11 in a number one contender bout for the heavyweight title. And he has his sights set on whoever is in front of him in the heavyweight division, “I’m #3, I’m fighting #2. There’s Junior and then there’s Cain. My goal is to leave a legacy in this sport, so whoever is in my way, I’m willing to fight.” Browne said. “Cain [Velasquez] has the strap, that’s my goal right now—is to get that strap.”

When asked if he thought he could finish the current UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, Browne simply replied, “yes”.

Browne: “I am winning on April 19th, there’s no doubt. Going into Mexico, fighting a guy like Cain, is the sh-t that I live for. It’s what I do. I’m willing to go into somebody’s else’s territory and go get into a fight. Cause I’ll tell you what, the cage–the octagon, doesn’t change.”

“If I let outside pressure affect me, I’ve already lost the fight. I create my own pressure. Out of pressure comes diamonds. And that’s what I’m trying to become.” Browne said. “Great things come from pressure. And I’m going to put the own pressure on myself, my own pressure on me. I’m not going to let other stuff affect me. I don’t care where it is, like I said, in that octagon it’s the same mat, it’s the same cage. We have a referee and there’s a big dude trying to kick my butt. And that’s the story of my life, that’s what I live for.”

Travis Browne will have a chance to as he put it, ‘shine bright like a diamond’ on April 19th against Fabricio Werdum, and earn a shot at the UFC heavyweight champion.
The full UFC Fight Club Q&A can be viewed below:

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