Anderson Silva (pictured) broke his leg in his last fight with Chris Weidman on December 28. Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On the Comeback Trail: Anderson Silva (Video Included)


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On the Comeback Trail: Anderson Silva

One of the reasons I love mixed martial arts so much is that the athletes that compete in the sport are different breed. To stand in a cage, knowing that in a few seconds you are going to physically try to do damage to another human being, while trying to not get hurt yourself is not what a “normal” person does. There has to be something within that athlete that separates them from another athlete who can shoot a basketball or catch a football. One of the truly remarkable aspects of the mixed martial artist is that when it comes to injury, the comeback trail can lead to more problems. The very nature of the combat aspect of the sport means that when it comes to training, injuries can happen quickly and with severe results (case in point, Rashad Evans).

When Anderson Silva broke his leg, it looked like his career was over. The violence with which he shattered his leg, the agony and pain on his face and his age, made it seem as though a comeback was out of the question. However, once again, the spirit of the fighter rises above what we expect of an athlete. The fact that Silva is already hitting the bags, as the video shows, is truly a remarkable feat for an elite fighter.

Eight weeks ago it looked as if one of the greatest fighters of all time would never fight again. It looked as though the last image we would have of the unstoppable Silva, would be of him grasping his leg, screaming out in pain. Silva is still a long way away from fighting again, and as the video shows, he has not regained the quickness in his striking that made him such a dangerous fighter. However, the video does show that doubting Silva will ever regain that speed is a mistake on anyone’s part. How many fighters would be willing to “test” out Silva as he makes a return to the Octagon?

Time heals, and when it comes to Anderson Silva, are we willing to say that he will never regain what once made him greatest fighter on the planet?


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