Oct 19, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Diego Sanchez answers a question during the press conference following UFC 166 at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Diego Sanchez blames food poisoning for his poor performance

Diego Sanchez (24-7) had suffered his second consecutive loss at UFC 171, losing a unanimous decision to the undefeated Myles Jury (14-0) on the main card portion of the PPV. However, as we found out Sunday from Diego himself, there was more to it than just his poor performance against Jury.

The normally high-paced Diego Sanchez had an unusually low offensive output against Jury, who for the most part did a fantastic job at using his range and kept the fight as his distance–not engaging in a brawl with Diego. But Diego only threw a total of 105 strikes in the fight, which is low when you consider his last fight against Melendez where he threw 176, and against Gomi prior to that–149 strikes. Also uncharacteristic of Diego Sanchez, he didn’t attempt a single takedown in the fight.

Diego Sanchez took to twitter Sunday afternoon to explain to his fans why he may have looked unlike his usual self in the fight Saturday night, crediting food poisoning–from beef tartare and a raw quail egg causing him to induce vomit–for his poor performance.










Diego Sanchez even tweeted out a link to the menu of restaurant he ate at a day before the fight.


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  • Dan Ayd

    Blaming the restaurant borders on libel unless he went and got a test done on his excrement to confirm the food he ordered really made him sick. Almost 50% of gastroenteritis is VIRAL in nature and shows up ~36 hours after infection. If he woke up Saturday at 2AM, he was infected Thursday at 2PM give or take a couple hours, if viral, which I suspect it is…and more than likely, he infected himself with lousy hand-washing after coming in contact with a surface/food handled by someone who was also recently ill and still contagious. And yeah, I’m an expert in this field.