Tyron Woodley stated he wants a title shot in his post-fight interview. Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Lombard, Tyron Woodley get crucial wins at UFC 171

Both Hector Lombard and Tyron Woodley share a lot in common. Both came into their fights at UFC 171 the lower ranked fighters. Both have suffered setbacks recently but bounced back in impressive fashion. And both won their fights, but did so in polar opposite manners.

Lombard defeated the tough grappler Jake Shields via unanimous decision, rocking Shields frequently in the first round, before slowing in the second and third and utilising some judo throws to control the fight on the ground. Though there was a cacophony of boos and a number of negative tweets regarding Lombard’s performance, he looked incredible in the first round before beating Jake Shields at his own game in the final two.

Lombard was dominant and progresses as a real force to the elite at welterweight. He will likely be ranked in the top 7 of the division after this performance, while Shields will go down the ladder. However the title picture is wide open and Shields may just need one impressive victory to become relevant once again.

Tyron Woodley was able to defeat Carlos Condit in unfortunate fashion, and his calls post-fight for a title shot are unlikely to be met with success. Woodley looked good in the first round and was able to tag Condit on the feet, but it was a competitive first five minutes with Woodley slowing towards the end.

The second round was also interesting and Condit seemed more settled, though Woodley was still able to get off some good shots. That’s where it all went horribly wrong. Woodley shot in for a takedown and Condit landed awkward, Rogan immediately picking up on the fact Condit grimaced in pain. The fight went back to its feet and Woodley attacked Condit with an outside leg kick to his left leg, which buckled Condit’s right leg, spun the Natural Born Killer around and took him off his feet. He screamed in pain and the fight was over.

Both fighters progress but both have doubters after UFC 171, for different reasons. Both had impressive first rounds and were able to land some clean shots. The similarities are endless.

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