It's Time for the UFC to Deal with Nick Diaz


It’s Time for the UFC to Deal with Nick Diaz

I believe that in order to sell a fight, a promotion needs to not only feature credible fighters, but present a clash of personalities. There is no one who understands this better than Dana White. The UFC big boss has been very strategic when it comes to not only the fight path of his champions, but of who he selects as coaches for his reality show.

Ken vs. Tito GSP vs. Koscheck Rampage vs. Rashad Bisping vs. Henderson

The list can go on and on. These intriguing fights were not only a battle of great fighters, but contradicting personalities, who clashed in a way that got the world of mixed martial arts talking. Perhaps there is no better example of this fighting storyline than the rivalry between former UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St. Pierre, and Nick Diaz. The notorious, but ultra-talented Diaz talked his way into the mind of GSP, and eventually into a title fight. After losing a close fight to Carlos Condit, Diaz managed to talk his way into the number one contender spot.

When was the last time a fighter received a title shot after LOSING his previous fight?

At the time, it was deemed a kind of dream matchup, and St. Pierre himself, wanted the fight. I can accept the fact that when one of your best pound for pound fighters says to you that he wants a fight, you give it him. The fight made the UFC, GSP, and Diaz a lot of money. I had no problem with the whole situation, and still don’t.

I do have a problem with what Nick Diaz is currently doing.

At Friday’s UFC 171 weigh in, Diaz heckled Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler, in an obvious attempt to get people to talk about him. When Hendricks initially missed weight, it was again, Diaz who was shouting from the stands, trying to steal the event’s spotlight. Even after Lawler and Hendricks put on a fierce battle for the welterweight title, it was Diaz who referred to Hendricks as an “amateur.”

This time around it is up to the UFC to put an end to this charade. The UFC needs to understand that no matter what potential there is in pay per view buys, the next man to fight for the welterweight title needs to be someone who has actually won a fight in the past two years. . . I know, quite the revelation. Nick Diaz does a great job playing the role of the “bad guy.” He does a fantastic job hyping up a fight. If he wants to fight for a title, he needs to earn the shot. It does nothing for the sport, for Diaz to continue to walk off the street and battle the best in the welterweight division just because he can swear and be the obnoxious foil to the title holder. If Nick Diaz comes back into the UFC and defeats one of the division’s top contenders, I have no problem with his personality earning him a title shot. But, he needs to come in and at the very least, win a fight.

A 0-2 record in your last two fights often leads a mixed martial artist to get cut from the UFC, not a spot in the main event against a champion.

Enough is enough. It’s time for Nick Diaz to prove his worth in the octagon, and not with his words.

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